Last Day At The Base

Charcoal StoveGreeting from Zambia OA II. Our last day at the base has been spent cleaning and packing. The morning was filled with getting the kitchen equipment cleaned up and ready to put away until the next teams come. After lunch they went back up the hill to finish some shopping. They found pictures, jewlrey and other items that I’m sure they are excited to show when they get home. After that they took care of finishing the personal packing and we were waiting on water for bathing. The city water has been off since we came back from the bush. The base has hauled in water in barrels from nearby. Both trucks have been out, one used by our team and another went for charocol for cooking. The base has called the water people everyday  for 10 days and it just came in this morning. It is a little dirty but it is coming in. This is just another thing that missionaries face in Africa. Many times it can be electric shut off for seven days. Even though you call, if you aren’t consisitent with your calls, you can be overlooked and continue to wait. Sometimes the problem can be no parts to repair, they may have to be ordered from Lusaka, Lusaka may have to order them from South Africa. So you have to learn to be paitent here in Africa. Anyway, everyone has clean clothes, (I’m sure they will need some help getting them cleaner when they get home) and their bodies are cleaned and ready for the truck ride. Last night we had a special meal. We invited our missionaries, Doug and Barb, Thomas (our leader) and his wife and then Edmund and Calvin (our circuit riders). We were able to BBQ steak, have bake potatoes, green bean casserole, brownies and ice cream. We also gave everyone a napkin. They really enjoyed the simple pleasure of a napkin. We all had a great last evening together followed by team devotions and our last night at the base. We appreciate your prayers as we travel the next few days. Thanks for sending your sons and daughters to Zambia, they have made a difference with the orphans here. Many thanks. OA II MSSM/Film


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