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Cameroon Foot Washing ProjectThank you for your prayers for us!!!! We returned Friday evening around 4 PM from the first Rescue Unit. What an adventure! We left Monday morning around 9 and arrived at the Lynn Harnage Rescue Unit in Mbambe at about 1:00. The roads were really rough in places. We started out in two pickup trucks with a backseat and a small bus. After an hour of travel the bus pulled over and the kids got into two other pickup trucks. The bus was not able to travel on the roads because they were too bad. There were three spots on the road that a small stream was across the road. Upon arrival we were blessed to find that a small house was available for us to set our tents up in. A relative of our staff member Richard Anseck was willing to allow us to use the rooms. What a blessing for us. We set up our tents and walked up the hill—a five minute walk up a steep slippery hill—to the Unit. What a surprise to find nearly 100 orphans gathered there as well as multiple village children. They greeted us with a song–“We welcome you in the Name of the Lord”. The facilitators were very happy to see Mama Linda and Papa Tom ( Tom and Linda Maher are the head leaders of the team and also the country coordinators). We were introduced and each team member shared their name. We talked and played with the children for about two hours and then headed down the hill to our tents. Tuesday morning we loaded the shoes, buckets on the truck and headed up the hill for the day.  We packed our lunch of sandwiches and cookies. Mama Linda packed extra for the facilitators and they just really enjoyed the tuna salad sandwiches. The Unit was running their monthly work camp. So when we arrived, we helped feed the children a breakfast of beans and coco yams. After breakfast, Linda Maher and Adam started to treat the number of medical issues. Rainey, Hadley and Ben who are interested in medical things and possibly medical missions helped. The Unit is located in an area with 19 villages surrounding it. We are the ONLY source of medical help for over 50,000 villagers. Some walk three days to the Unit for medicines. We treated multiple cases of skin problems, wounds, we had two cases of two having seizures—thank goodness the Unit had the meds. The worst case we treated was a boy who cut deep with a machete. He had packed the wound with cotton and it had rotted into the wound which was covered with pus. We had to remove all the pussy cotton and put on a new bandage. He screamed. After we finished, we gave him something for pain and had the facilitator put him on an antibotic. Then we prayed for him. We treated other medical issues throughout the day. We set up and washed the feet of orphans and gave out 103 pairs of shoes and socks. You should have seen the smiles. They were huge. We had a great time rotating between the stations of washings, putting lotion, treated wounds and fitting shoes. Everyone had the opportunity to do each thing. Ashlynne, Lindley, Hadley, Claire and Ben all ending up holding babies. It was a good day and we were very tired at the end of the day. We also did puppets. On Wednesday we walked up again to the Unit and found that no more orphans had shown up for shoes. Many of the children had to help their guardians prepare for the monthly large market day on Thursday. We left the shoes with the facilitators so that the remaining 120 children can receive shoes. We set up and taught Phonics headed by Amanda, Hadley, Claire and Ashlynne. We divided the children into 4 groups and did an hour and a half of phonics training and after we fed them breakfast of rice and beans. We did several presentations. We taught them multiple children’s games like Red Rover and we played soccer. In the afternoon multiple villagers arrived as well and we shared the Wordless Book Bracelets and shared the Gospel. We had an awesome soccer game which Seth, Seth, Alissa played along. We treated many medical issues and had a great time loving on the kids. Ben, who is 6’5″, seemed to be the toy and kids would try and jump up on him all day. He loved it. We were very tired as we walked down the hill to our tents that night. We would then have library reading, Bible study and group devos. Many of the kids shared how much they realized that they are blessed in America and how the orphans are happy when they have so little. On Thursday we trekked the 5 miles each way on foot to the open market in Andek. We did open-air presentations, the people went crazy over the puppets. Our facilitator, Christopher, preached and shared the Gospel. We walked around the market and found the kids loved gato (its a doughnut type bread).  We had the opportunity to find a coke and also tried grilled corn and soya (meat on a stick grilled). They loved it. We had rain so the the walk back was slippery. Brittney fell down the most times. We were supposed to leave the Unit at 8 AM, but the rains prevented us leaving until nearly 12. It then took an hour to go 5 miles, pushing the vehicles up the hills and through the thick mud. The kids thought it quite the adventure. We arrived back at the base around 4 and Mrs Maher stopped at the open market and prepared a meal of fried potatoes, soup and salad which was enjoyed by all. Saturday we are here at the base washing clothes, doing a memory quiz-off and shopping and repacking shoes for the next Unit. We leave for the Shiloh Christian Church Unit in Impalim—two hours away in the opposite direction of the first Unit on Sunday morning and we will return from that Unit on Wednesday. We are really enjoying the team. Everyone loves each other and we enjoy fellowship with each other so much. We have had some fantastic Bible studies. Mr. Maher led a Bible study on praise and we had a wonderful time talking about then spending time praising God for His goodness to us. We all have developed a burden for the poor orphans and many hearts have been stirred. We are sure the orphans will remember the team for a long time to come,they ran down the hill after the team shouted good-bye. Blessings!


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