A Big Storm

Bunalwenyi School, Uganda, AfricaGreetings from the Uganda Team! Monday, Aug. 3rd, began our last week in the village of Bunalwenyi. Team members were leveling the dirt inside the new classrooms to prepare for pouring the floors. Some were digging the footer for a privacy wall around the new, five-stall, latrine. Others were collecting all the good bricks in stacks to be used later. Crews were going back and forth from the spring for water to be used in the kitchen and on the work site. A group were mixing mortar for those who were laying bricks to build the inside walls between the classes. A unique project was to plaster chalkboards on the walls of the existing classrooms. They used black powdered paint in the cement mixture and it turned out very nice and smooth. In addition to the work, interaction with the neighbors and villagers was also taking place. One family asked some team members to pray for a demon possessed daughter. Brittany went with a couple of team members and prayed for her. She was okay after some time. Tuesday morning of work went well and after lunch, library reading and Bible study were held along with leaders’ meeting. As the leaders prayed, they committed the team and whatever circumstances the Lord might desire, to Him. As the team went back to work, the wind began to blow stronger and stronger and dark thunder clouds surrounded the area on three sides. Soon big drops of rain began to fall and Josh ordered the team to go into the school building. Instinctively, Camille grabbed important documents from the kitchen and took refuge in her tent. Brittany and the KPs fled to the classroom. The storm turned out to be much stronger than anyone expected and it came with a fury of strong winds that kept changing directions. Then came pea-sized hail. There were torrential rains also, that formed a wide river which flowed directly through the tent site. All but two tents were blown down and swept away. Meanwhile, Camille was able to hold down her tent and keep everything dry throughout the deluge. After about an hour the storm passed on and the team members emerged from the building to find the tent site destroyed. There were various reactions, but the predominant one was of awe and  . . . laughter! It was an unbelievable site, and they realized that all their belongings were somewhere in the fallen, muddy tents, but there was no anger or resentment. As the team was reacting, they didn’t realize that there were students and villagers watching them. They were amazed that the team members did not lose their tempers or react in any bad way. It was a great testimony of the team’s reliance on God for everything, and their good attitude about their possessions. Everyone pitched in to help one another sort out their wet things and wash tents, etc. The girls on the team were invited to sleep in the “House of God’s Love” hostel because their things were wet. The guys cleaned up enough tents to stay in. It wasn’t until after the evening meal that Peter, our national missionary, shared that many people had been watching the team during the aftermath of the storm and how they were impressed by the attitudes of the team. We praise God for protecting all of us and giving us cheerful attitudes when faced with this crisis. Thursday was our last day of work – actually the morning was the finish of actual working. After lunch, etc., the tools were cleaned and inventoried, and the team did last minute finishes on things. Following that, Peter gave an introduction on prayer walking, and how it was used in the Old Testament as well as today. He informed the team about the different needs of the surrounding villages as well as the school. Then the team divided into two groups and headed in opposite directions to pray seriously over the people and villages. They met at the top of a hill for a joint prayer time. It was a fantastic way to end our time in Bunalwenyi. Friday morning we packed up and left for the base in Nakabango. We arrived safely just before noon. Shortly after we arrived, Christian’s Aunt and Uncle came to visit him and share with the team the ministry that they have here in Uganda. It is called Rafiki, and they have 100 abandoned or orphaned children under the age of 10 that they care for and school. It was very nice to meet them. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you!


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