Last Report

Well, this is it from the Australia Base. The teams are all packed up and ready to bus to the airport Monday morning. Their Air NZ flight leaves about 12:30pm and we will be heading out from the base at about 6:45 am. They finished off cementing sidewalks around both the BMW buildings and cleaned up the entire campground for the next camp that will be coming in shortly. Today we went back to the church we originally went to when we arrived. The team took the kid’s Sunday school for 45 minutes. There the team sang songs, did puppets, Jeremy told the story of Jonah, Brayden did his famous magic cloth disappearing trick with a salvation message and the team played “Fish, Fish, Jonah – the team’s made up version of “duck, duck, goose”. It was a great final Sunday. On Saturday night, the missionary lit a huge bonfire for the team to enjoy. They sat around – at a distance – and Sierra took evening devotions and the team was able to spend some good time together. The time has gone so quickly and we (the head leaders) will be sad to see the team off at the airport as they return to the States for debrief. The Australia team 09 has been a great bunch of teens that was a privilage to lead.


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