Another Last Report

Sign PostIt sure is lonely here today. As far as we know, the team got on its flight early this morning (our time) in Ekaterinburg. They will fly to Frankfurt and then have about an 8-hour layover before they board their flight from Frankfurt to Orlando.  We had a four hour bus ride to the airport. Through the tears, we said good-bye and watched the team get checked in (we peeked thru the customs doors as long as we could).  o, the next report will, Lord willing, be from Florida stating that they arrived safely. We are praying for them. Our last few days together were exciting as the teens finished their project of winterizing the BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center building. On Friday and Saturday, the weather didn’t cooperate with us, but they worked hard through the cloudy, misty days. The last boards were nailed up late on Saturday evening and a feeling of accomplishment was had by all. We praise the Lord for His protection over us as there were many times the teens had to climb up on scaffolding to complete winterizing the second floor of the building. The outside of the house looks great! And the layers they put on to winterize the house are already making a difference. The temps during the past two days have been in the mid-50’s  (but actually feeling colder since it was wet and the wind was blowing), but the temperature in the house only varied one or two degrees. In one room it was 68 before we went to bed and although there was cold wind blowing while we slept, the temp in the room only went down 2 degrees during the night. So we are excited about how the work is already helping keep the cold out and the warmth in. On Sunday, the team spent the day finishing up some classes….GG, Library Reading Time, Bible Study, etc. Plus they packed their bags to travel to Debrief and cleaned up their area where they slept. They were also able to say their “good-byes” to the Russian teens who are still here for their Debrief. Please pray for the Russian teens as they go home tomorrow (Tuesday). Pray they will keep up with their devotions and want to continue to spread the Word of God to those around them. Pray for those of us who will be here for a few more weeks. Thanks again for all your prayers this summer. The Lord was glorified in many ways and you played a BIG part in people hearing the Gospel message.


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