Last Report From Cameroon

Balloon EvangelismWe got the US team safely to the capital and off to the Florida Debrief. It was a challenging ride. On Friday afternoon we had a heavy rain storm. There is only one way out of Bamenda to the rest of the country. A section of a bridge collapsed and there is a 20 ft gap in the road that is 15 ft deep. They made a way around and it is terrible in rainy season our truck made it fine. The bus with the team went so far and then the team had to walk around. We got another bus to go to the airport on the other side. Coming home they had another way and we slipped and had to push the truck the last hour—what an adventure. This could be a potential critical issue for us. If this is not repaired quickly Bamenda will run out of fuel and food. There is already talk of Nigeria sending in fuel for us. We are praying we will be able to get transport to get the Cameroon teams back from their projects for our Debrief which is next Sunday. Pray for us.

The US Team did a wonderful job.


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