Last Report

Victoria FallsGreetings from OA II. The team left Ndola on Thursday for a five-hour truck ride to Lusaka. We arrived early in town and were able to go to a shopping area. Shoprite is the prefered store—similar to a Walmart but African style. There were places to look for some sovernirs. Some choose to have some fast foods, which is like a hamburger place, pizza and some enjoyed ice cream. The guys chose to have as many as they wanted Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with an orange. We then went onto the church that we were going to stay over night. They let us stay in church. We didn’t get as much rest as we hoped but we were up at 5:30 and ready to travel to Victoria Falls. It eneded up being a 12 hour ride. We stopped and had breakfast along the road, we stopped and had lunch by the side of the road and by the time we got to Livingstone we were able to have a picnic at the shopping mall which consisted of meat pies, chips and juice. Joe was booking our river cruise. It was a 45 minute ride up the mountain to Overland Mission. Here we set up our tents had our devotions and then had a nice hot/warm shower. It was great to get all cleaned up after the ride and espcially nice to sleep oh so clean. The next morning we were up at 6:00, breakfast, devotions and heading down the mountain for the game park safari. We traveled through all the roads but we only saw one giraffe, all kinds of deer, monkeys and baboons. It was kind of disappointing not to seen any other game. There was a bunch of construction that was going on in the park so maybe that chased on the anaimals away. At noon we took a river boat ride up the Zambze River. They first took us to where the hippos were in the water and then further down to where the hippos were sunning themselves in the sand. It was a double decker boat so we first went on top and could have any kind of soda and as many as we wanted as we traveled up the river. Then they asked us to come downstairs and have lunch. They had salad, coleslaw sandwiches, rice, strips of steak, fried vegetables, and then bananas and oranges. It was a fun feast. We even had nice table, chairs and cloth napkins for our meal. It was a great relaxing time. From the boat ride we went to Victoria Falls. We first saw the top end of the falls and then walked around to the front of the falls. It doesn’t have as much water flowing over as it is dry season. It was a walking path, there were times when you could feel the spray of the water over you. There were several points where you could take photos. We even walked over a bridget that took us to see the falls even closer. We were actually at some point on the Zimbabawe side. It was a magnicificant display of God’s handiwork. We also took time to do some souvenir shopping that was available when our visit was finished at the Falls. I’m sure they all have great treasurers to bring home. From Vic falls we went back into town to have our evening meal. The team chose different items to eat, but I think the girls may have enjoyed their dessert of a milk shake more than anything. There was also some last minute souvenir shopping after dinner. We returned to Overland Missions about 9:30. It was a full day and time to head to our tents. We were up at 6:00, packing up our luggage, tents and getthing the truck loaded to head back to Lusaka.  We stopped for breakfast along the road, we stopped for lunch along the road and arrived 12 hours later in Lusaka. We were able to purchase some AFrican pizza which we took to the church for supper. But we first needed to unload the truck and pack up all their sovernirs and things ready for travel back to the States. We had time for packing, supper, devotions, team devotions and finding out who our prayer partner was and then off to sleep. It was a 5:00 rise and shine for our last day in Africa. We needed to get things packed up and loaded on the truck and to the airport before morning rush-hour traffic. The team made it there in time, unloaded bags, and they were all eating the packed breakfast/lunch/snack bag when Thomas, Jillian and I said our good-byes. You see we still had a five-hour truck ride back to Ndola. I’m sure they all got checked in and are safely on their way now, I think they may be doing some last minute shopping in the Narobi airport as they wait for their evening flight to London. It was about a four-hour layover. When we came over some had already decided what they were going to purchase on the way home. Sooo the next report you get will probably be a verbal report from your son or daughter. It won’t be long until they are all safely back in their homes. Thank you parents for allowing your son/daughter to come this summer to Africa. We pray that it will be a highlight of their life. Who would ever think that teenagers would be riding motorcycles in Africa, having Sunday School classes with Aids Orphans and making a documentary. I do pray that it will be the trip of a life- time in their walk with the Lord and serving the orphans.

Team, when you read this, I’m sure you will be back home and in your comfort that you were thinking about those days in Africa. But I pray that you will continue to run the race that God has set before you, I pray you won’t choose to quit, you won’t disqualify but you will raise your hands high as you cross the finish line. It was great spending these weeks with you. Blessings and continue to seek the Word of God.


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