The Missing Report

Zambia Orphan Angels TeamGreetings from the OA II team in Ndola. Today is Monday and we have just completed our first day back at the base. The morning began with wake-up at 7:00. We had Bible Study at 7:15 followed by breakfast at 8:00 and then we had morning devotions and then a little bit of sharing time of what we learned from our time with God. From there we had an opportunity to wash our clothes and clean our leather jackets that have been covered with the Zambia dust from travel in last three weeks. There was time for bathing and just some relaxing time. After lunch we had library reading time and then we started to clean up the motor bikes and get them ready to be stored away until the next group comes to Zambia.  Solomon and Micah worked on getting the film onto the computer and the external drive. They were successful in getting all the film copied. We just have two scenes to get and then we can call it a wrap on the film. We had hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad, chocolate chip cookies and kool-aid for supper. It was a fun meal for our first full day here back at the base. After dinner we received mail from friends and family back home. So the team will scattered around reading much appreciated news from home. The following are testimonies that we asked the team members to write so you can hear from them directly about the summer. Enjoy. We will send another email tomorrow evening our time. Thank you for your continued prayers as we get things ready to go to Livingston and then get everything together for going home. Please pray that we will continue to learn the things that the Lord wants us to as we spend these last few days together.

“This has been the most amazing summer ever. My eyes have been opened and my life has been changed forever. Working with the orphans was the highlight of my summer. Im so thankful for this experience and can’t wait to share my stories with everyone.” Olivia

“It’s strange that when you live in these primitive conditions, your senses are heightened. Scents like dish soap, laundry detergent and fruit seem strange. The sound of a guitar and singing is more appreciated. The stars look even brighter. It is also strange how the further away from home I am, the closer to God I feel.” Juice Cook

“Yaweh Natotela,” a Bemba song our OAII Team learned from the nationals mean, “Thank You Yawah.” I am just so thankful to my Lord God for calling me on this trip. I had a very fun, but united team that worked together to bring the light of the gospel to the many darkened lives of the orphans. This experience has opened my eyes to the overwhelming joy God can bring through following His will. Oh, and our leaders spoiled us with amazingly awesome food – so much for wanting to lose weight!” Lauren

“Road conditions have much to be desired in the bush of Zambia. God has truly taught me to live by faith and not by sight —mainly because it was so dusty I couldn’t see. But overall He has taught me more about myself than I ever thought I could have learned in two months.” Micah

“This summer, I asked God to break my heart for the orphans and give me the compassion for these children He feels when He looks at them. He answered my prayer and as I held each child, they fell asleep in my lap and I held their tiny hands, my heart broke for them. It was hard to leave them each time, knowing they didn’t have someone to hold them as they fell asleep that night. But, I learned to put them in God’s hands. A part of my heart will forever remain in Zambia, broken for these orphans.” Erin

“Wow! So much to say in one little paragraph. A child’s hand, a child’s heart, a child’s soul was brought to Christ. I came on this trip to help the lives of orphans, but they’ve helped me more than ever. How someone with so little can love so much. I’ve experienced God in ways I can’t imagine. He’s opened the eyes of my heart and I end this realizing there’s no joy like Africa.” Solomon

“Well, the summer was great. At the beginning of Boot Camp, I was ready to go home, but I stuck it out and I’m so glad I did. I feel God put me on this team for a reason. I was able to use some of my skills to assist team members with “road-side-assistance” and fix the bikes as they broke down. My eyes have been opened to the things outside of my box at home. I have also made some lifelong friends.” Jake

“Jesus once said, “Let the children come.” These words have never held more meaning than during my two summers in the bush of Zambia. The orphaned and destitute – more than anything – long for a loving touch and an outreached hand; few received the outreach they need. Every second I spend in villages reminds me of the power of a few words. These moments are irreplaceable and intangible: seconds well spent on others. Truly the kingdom of heaven is wide open for the orphaned, the hungry, and the broken. For the forgotten African child.” Esther

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