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as-lgflagFrom Student Ryan Ferguso

This year I have been teaching a third grade religious education(RE) class. The class is made up of eight students that are around nine years old. In the last couple of weeks, we have been teaching them about Abraham and the promises that he received from God. We are teaching them that God never breaks His promises. We have also been teaching them about Joseph and how God can turn bad situations into very good situations. They are learning about the power of God.

I have enjoyed doing RE this year and really like the kids that we are teaching. It has been great getting to know them and to teach them about Jesus and the people in the Bible. Also, in the last couple of weeks we have been taking in a guitar and singing songs which I think has been really good for the kids; they seem to be really enjoying RE.

For me, doing RE was a challenge at first. It was difficult trying to make the lessons simple and also I was nervous to be actually teaching in a classroom setting. RE has helped me to be more confident when teaching and doing some public speaking. It has helped me to change so much this year.


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