Update from Brazil

Greetings from Brazil!

The ministry doors are greatly open for our students. The first year students are running weekend children ministry in four different communities, with about 120 kids in total. The second year students are doing weekend impact evangelism and youth ministry in various churches in Sao Miguel, Castanhal (one hour away) and Belem (two hours away). While the interns act as Sunday School teachers, leaders of evangelism groups, and missions representatives, as well in the training of leaders in their churches.
This coming week some of our interns will start a Bible study program in a drug/alcohol  rehabilitation centre, run by Christians. This will be a great opportunity as well a challenge because many of the interns of the center are not Christians, yet!
Decisions for Christ:

  • Second year ministry:  3
  • Interns ministry : 4

“I am extremely happy to see that the lives of the students and interns are showing Jesus not only in our ministry but especially with our host families. My host mother has a daughter called Aline, who could care less about spiritual things and her relationship with God wasn’t good at all. When I started to be hosted by her family, I’ve noticed so much reluctance to accept my presence in her house, but did not realized that was because I was so involved in the church and God’s things. But last weekend, as I arrived in her house, her mother (Iracema) told me that she had seen some changes on her attitude. So that evening I invited Aline to do a little Bible devotion together; she accepted and I saw God’s hand in it. It was very uplifting. I am very happy with the people God has place in my path to show HIs Love.”
Catiane Souza (Intern from Rondonia – ministering in the Brethren Church in Castanhal – one hour away from the base)

A young man, called Ismael, age of 14 who grew up in a christian home, is very shy and quiet in personality. In January he went to a summer camp and come back bold and on fire for the Lord. That change caught the attention of everyone around him, including his sunday school teacher. His teacher asked him what happened on that Camp that had change his perspective of christianity and behaviour. This boy shared all the physical and emotional part of the camp; but most of all he shared his personal experience with God. There he was able to understand that if he do not make a stand to be a witness of Christ ‘s love, people will die and go to hell. Ismael’s testimony  impacted that sunday school teacher, who happened to be one of the representatives of the Bible Society of Brazil. He contacted Teen Missions offering a partnership in the Great Commission. Praise the Lord. BBS wants to provide, every 3 months, Bibles and Christian material for free. It is to be used in the students’ ministry, with the only requirement to report and invite BBS to all and any evangelism program that we may promote. So last May 7th, as a result of the life of a teenager, we received over U$1000 in Bibles and material. That leads us to the conclusion that all your prayers, all your donations, all sacrifices and hard work to run an Overseas Boot Camp is worthy and making a difference for the Kingdom. Thank you, and God bless you!

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