Update from Malawi

The students are doing great work in continuing providing proper care to the animals we are training here in Malawi. Our students have been working on the following responsibilities; taking care of the cows, ducks, turkeys, pigeons, guinea fowl, pigs, rabbits and helping with the plastering work at the Garden house.

We are excited to see the walls of Garden house plastered. Praise the Lord because of the work which is being accomplished everyday.

The students have also been ministering in the village of Ngwena, Jambo and Chemtika. The villages mentioned are densely populated by Muslims. In the village of Ngwena, one student reported to have been faced by very strong resistance by a family which sounded to be very devoted in Islamic. The student trusted Christ Jesus who never fails. That weekend the student felt as if he had achieved nothing. The following week he opted to go back to the same family in order to continue from where he had stopped. He is happy that he was warmly welcomed and that the family is no longer resisting the gospel but more than willing to listen. Praise the Lord!

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