Working Hard in Honduras

Chicas Family Missionaries in HondurasHere in Honduras we have been keeping plenty busy trying to balance the work, school, activities with ministries and maintaining contact with supporters both here and in the States, and preparations for the teams for Boot Camp. Like many others in the world, the past few months have been very tight financially. We spent carefully, prayed, and trusted God to see us through even when we didn’t know how we’d make it. God is always faithful, but somehow it is always amazing to see just how He chooses to bless His children. We are happy to report what He has done here because it brings glory to His name. Last week, one of our teachers gave us 100 lbs. of corn and this week a church here in Honduras brought us a supply of food! Also, our home church decided to make a specific donation so we can get a new roof over the Tabernacle. We are so thankful and excited to see how God moves within the church body!
As for the afternoons, the students have continued working in the gardens, which are all coming along quite nicely. The oranges are just now getting ripe so we have started picking them to sell, so far we have sold 1,500. They sell for $3 per 100. Imagine those prices in the States! We dug a line and put in the wire for the pump so we have water again. Some of the students continue mowing, pruning, and taming the jungle. It takes quite a bit of time to keep it looking nice around here because the heat and rain are the perfect ingredients for speedy growth! One blessing we have found is that squash grows very well here – even when we didn’t plant it! Many seeds that were dumped in the garbage sprouted and grew and spread and now we have quite a big squash garden. We have been eating it several different ways, but the favorites are in bread and pie. In pie, it tastes just like pumpkin, mmmm!


  1. hey jermiah and jacob. i hope u guys have a blast in hondurus! just stay away from spiders! lol

  2. Hi daniel……. I am registering right now for Honduras!!

  3. Hey Jeremiah! I’m going on Honduras too!! Are you a teen or Pre-Teen? 🙂

  4. Hi Daniel, I was in Ecuador with you! I am coming to Honduras this summer! Totally excited to be coming to see your family.

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