Planting Seeds in Russia


Lyuda : “One Saturday afternoon

a few young people from our church went to pick up apples for jam.

While there, we got acquainted with a couple that invited us to visit

their garden and help them harvest the apples the next Sunday afternoon.

While being there, we shared with these elderly people about Jesus

Christ. The husband expressed his desire to come to church some day and

his wife was very open to have Christian fellowship. We pray for these people

to come to know Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.”

Vera: “Last year at Siberian Boot Camp, I came to

know about a Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center that was to be opened at Krasnaya Niva at the end of August. I wanted to be the part of it from the very

beginning. But I have got one of my knees injured and had to go

through a surgery and a very complicated treatment.

All this time I was thinking about BMW and praying for the

possibility to study there. I have a great desire to serve God, to

grow spiritually and to be firmly rooted in Christ the Lord.

This year my dream has come true. I am studying at BMW for one

month by now. I like it here very much! I have already come to know

many things that I have never known before. God reveals His truth

through His Word, through our teachers. I feel very satisfied with my

Russia Boot Camp

studies although there are many things that are sometimes very

difficult for me to understanding! Let’s for example take Russian


I give thanks to God and to everybody who made it possible for me

to study here. God bless you all!.”


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  1. You never know what opportunities come up. I am so pleased to hear testimonies from the land of Russia. Vera, I am so excited for you! I know God is working through you to bless many people. I pray you will become a better servant of the Lord every day. He will be your hope. Smiles and hugs to all my sisters and brothers there.

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