Bobb, Shannon & Vikki (Fall 2009)

Bobb Newsletter – Fall 2009

Dear Family & Friends,

We can hardly believe that we have just completed our third summer at The Lord’s Boot Camp!  What an amazing journey this has been.  In some ways, it seems as if we have always been here, and in other ways, it feels like we just got here!

Our summer was very busy.  Boot camps started the week after school was out in May and we finished our Debrief and said “good-bye” to our team the day after school started in August.  What a whirlwind of a summer!  We had a team of eighteen teens (twelve boys and six girls) that we traveled with to Nicaragua.  We worked in the town of Diriamba.  We stayed with a local pastor and his family.  They were so gracious and hospitable.  I cannot imagine opening my home to 25 Americans for a month.  The church/pastor’s home were connected and sat on a busy street at the edge of the city limits.  Lots of people passed by everyday.  We were quite the tourist attraction at times.  The team was able to complete the construction of the second story addition to the church up to the roof rafters.  This included laying stone blocks that weighed 160 pounds each!  Our days were filled with hard work.  On two of our Saturdays, we had the opportunity to travel to a WEGO Ministries Orphanage in a nearby town.  We did a presentation of puppets, songs, testimonies and dramas and then spent the afternoon playing soccer and softball with the orphans.  Shannon was able to do a few maintenance projects around the property.  It was such a blessing to see the joy and laughter on the faces of the children.  They certainly blessed us!  Please remember the people of Nicaragua that God’s Word would spread like a wildfire throughout that country.  Also pray for Pastor Abraham Espinoza, the pastor we lived with, and his family that God would bless and guide them daily.

We also had the opportunity to do a presentation in a local school, and we did “door-to-door” evangelism with local churches, inviting neighbors to the evening church services. Our time in Nicaragua was challenging at times, but the Lord truly did a mighty work in us.

You can read all about our summer experiences through our updates we sent to Teen Missions while overseas.  These updates can be viewed on the Teen Missions website at  Click on the Team Reports Link on the right side of the page then scroll down to Nicaragua or Papua to read first-hand experiences.

Papua3Canaan traveled on a team to Papua, Indonesia.  His team was responsible for starting the first building for a Bible, Missionary, & Work Training Center (BMW) school there.  They endured pretty rough conditions, but worked together well and accomplished so much!  They spent most of the summer digging in the muddy ground to put in a septic system.   He enjoyed the country and the people and is always excited to try new things.  He ate lots of “unusual things” and made many new friends.   He spent a week on the island of Ambon at the Teen Missions base there and did some evangelism with the Indonesian BMW students.  The Indonesian students have Good News Bible Clubs as an outreach.  They are holding 90 Bible Clubs each week.  They average about 8000 kids in those 90 clubs and have seen over 5000 children accept Christ!  Over half the kids that attend are from Muslim homes!  What an amazing work the Lord is doing in Indonesia!

Canaan has started his junior year of high school and his second year of college classes.  He recently passed his driver’s test so now we find ourselves “praying without ceasing” for his safety.   Please remember to pray for Canaan and his health.

Taylor spent the summer here in Florida.  She had a job at the local Race Trac gas station and worked to raise money for her college expenses.  She also mowed eight yards for families on staff and helped with meals at the Debriefs.  She is now back at Asbury College and well into her sophomore year.  She is doing very well.  In fact, a few weeks ago she called home to say she had completely dedicated her life to the Lord.  She was “sold out!!”  Those are words every Christian parent wants to hear.  Please pray as she  seeks God’s will for her life.

Madison and Zoe loved being in Nicaragua.  This year, they actually had some children to play with, which helped keep them entertained.   Zoe started kindergarten this year and is doing very well.  She read her first book this week!  It was amazing to see the excitement in her eyes as she read the words for the first time!!!!

Madison is in the fourth grade and is in the gifted program at her school.  She is playing soccer, singing in the Children’s Choir at church and reading anything she can get her hands on.   Her teacher says she is a “joy to have in class.”

Words could never express how thankful we are to all of you, our friends, for your love, encouragement, prayers and financial support.  We are so richly blessed by the people God has placed in our lives.  We pray that we can continually bless God with our words, actions and lives.  We are so thankful for the opportunity to serve the Lord in full-time ministry here at Teen Missions.  All of you make this possible——Thank you!!!!

In Christ’s Love,

The Bobb Family

Col. 3:23


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