Myers, Anthony & Shawna (Fall 2009)

Myers Newsletter – Fall 2009

Dear Family and Friends,


“Did anyone pray yet?” That was the question I asked the team as I walked up to the cement truck that was stuck in the mud. They had tried to push it out numerous times with boards and stones in front of the tires trying to make a ramp and it still would not move. We had just finished pouring the footer for a section of the wall. It had been raining a lot that afternoon so the ground was pretty wet. The truck driver had just called another guy to come and pull him out. “Did anyone pray yet?” I asked, and they said no. So guess what? That’s right! We prayed that God would help us get this truck out! We wanted the team to see the power of prayer and they did! We gathered around, pushed and out it came. What a witness that was to the drivers as well as the team. That was really cool! This is one of the many ways we saw God work this summer. You can still read the team reports that we sent in to the office this summer at, under Team Reports. We are looking forward to a visit in October from Pradtana, our missionary from Thailand who is in charge of the orphanage.

We had a wonderful summer…probably one of the best we have had. The team was excellent and the location and facilities were great (except for the squatty potties!). We had good travels and we stayed healthy. The Lord is good! We enjoyed spending time with the orphans and building the security wall. We laid over 1500 blocks! They were so grateful for the wall and for the time spent with the kids. When we were about four hours down the road after we left the orphanage, one of our missionaries who was traveling with us got a phone call from the director of the orphanage. She said the kids had been crying since we left. We were able to meet a number of people who know Lynn and Amy (Anthony’s brother and sister-in-law) and it was encouraging to see where they lived and were able to minister. Thailand Team: We miss you guys and pray for you. We hope you are all doing well and keeping the Lord #1 in your lives.

6From Jessie: My summer was amazing! I had a really good experience by myself. One of the things God taught me was to be a lot more thankful. Seeing all of those orphans wear each others clothes, is really sad. Also they have food but they only eat two times a day. We eat three meals plus snacks and we have our own clothes that we don’t have to share. One day we went out to eat at Chipoka Lake Beach Lodge. After we were done eating, we got to go swimming in Lake Malawi. It was really cold. We all ran back out! That was a cool experience! We would play games and sing with the kids such as Lions (a game they taught us), Duck, Duck Goose, etc. We all loved to sing songs like “Here I am to Worship” (with actions), “Sing and Shout”, etc. We made gardens at the Melisa Foster and House of Joel Rescue Units. We finished all of our projects including the Garden House. They are now getting food from the gardens. Thank you so much for praying for me and for the money you sent so I would be able to go.

We are back home and have hit the ground running! We returned from Thailand on August 5th and had Debrief until August 11th. While in Debrief, we were also registering the kids for school. Darin and Jessica started on August 10th and Brandon started on August 12. Brandon is in High School and is loving the freedom that it gives! It also gives him more responsibility! He did, however, get the flu, so he was out for almost a week. We are thankful that no one else got it. Jessie is in eighth grade and Darin is in first grade. They are all doing well. In September, we were off for a few weeks so we worked on repairing and cleaning things at home. Anthony went to PA for a week and was able to have some quality family time up there. He flew up and drove back down with his parents. They had already planned to come down for a week before Anthony decided to fly up and visit them. Continue to pray for his brother, Lynn. They are enjoying living in their own place now, but his breathing has gone from 39% to 25% in the last month. We continue to pray and trust God for his complete healing.

Now we move on to a busy fall with cleaning up from the summer and setting the teams for 2010. It will be Teen Missions 40th anniversary this year so we are excited about what the Lord is going to do. Anthony will be going up to Indiana to take down and pack up the Tabernacle getting it ready it to be moved to a new location. After he returns, he will be busy with things in the print shop including printing prayer letters and the 2010 Summer Teams Brochure, which will take a few weeks.

We enjoyed our Annual “have the students over for dinner”. It was like cooking for a team since there was 29 of us! We like to do that in the fall so we can get to know the new students and spend time with all of them. Of course, there is always a grueling game of Cooney Over!

It’s been a few years since we’ve seen some of our family and friends in Ontario, so we are planning to be in Pennsylvania for Christmas and are hoping to be able to spend a few days in Canada after Christmas.

Our support has been trickling in this summer, a lot slower than usual. We are thankful that the Lord supplies our every need. With the kids getting older, the costs of things seem to be more! I’m sure many of you can relate to that. Brandon is in braces and Jessica needs them, extra school expenses, as well as some other things. We are thankful for those who support us faithfully each month, and ask that others prayerfully consider joining our support team in whatever way you feel the Lord would have you be a part. We pray for you all and enjoy hearing from you.

Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement the past few months. We were very blessed by our time in Thailand and Malawi, and look forward to another year serving the Lord.


Anthony, Shawna, Brandon, Jessica and Darin


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