Rakotomalala, Liva & Nomena (Fall 2009)


News From Madagascar – Fall 2009

Through the grace of our Lord, here we are again to let you be a part of this ministry of Teen Missions in Madagascar as we share with you all about us.


We praise the Lord that he added one more member to our family. On July 10th, our baby boy, Aina Fiderana Rakotomalala, was born. It is a joy for myself, Nomena and Fanilo to have him. We praise God that Nomena did not have any difficulties. Everything went well during the pregnancy and birth. We believe that we are the most happy family on earth!


Fanilo is now three and a half and started his schooling life at Nirina School as a kindergartener last year. Now we decided to let him get a better education in town so he will be able to develop in many areas. His new school is called “ La Confiance” meaning “the trusted one”. He is proud to go to town for school.


Nomena, as you know, is the main person running the Nirina School. The School is doing good. There are many challenges that she has to face but we praise the Lord that He is faithful. Nomena’s role is now more as a principal. Since she is making sure that things run well from the teachers to the students. She is having more time to witness to the parents as they come to meet with her. Many of the parents have struggles in the family and share them with Nomena. Those times always open the door for Jesus. There are some that have started going back to church.

Boot Camp,

Our Boot Camp this year was a little later than usual due to the change of the school holidays. We had a special theme for this Boot Camp called “THE BEST” Boot Camp. We expected to taste the goodness of God and we did. We all felt that God was here working in us and through us. At Boot Camp, there were 138 decisions, which is more than the number of young people we had this year (115). Some made sure they were right with God before leaving this place to go to the field. We had 8 teams, one construction team and the other seven were doing EV. Right now as I am writing they are still in the field. Almost all of them had battles as they arrived on the field and you know this means victory in the end. We are looking forward to celebrating those victories as they will share them when they  come back for Debrief.

Witness of the ministry,

I was talking with Pastor Bary, the pastor of the Jefy Church, and he told me about one of his fellow pastors who had refused to send his young church members to Boot Camp for many years. Pastor Bary finally convince this other pastor to send some young people from his church. When these young people came back to the church, they were on fire for the Lord, and this pastor noticed many changes in them. Now this church is number one in sending many young people to attend Boot Camp from that area.

Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center,

We had two students commissioned during Boot Camp who were faithful to the end. There were four students that started with this group but only two of them remained at the end. These two students are one of those fruits that is pleasing as we harvest . They would do anything asked of them and are so ready to serve the Lord. I know the Lord has worked in them through their two years of training. They did not start like this, but praise the Lord they finished like this. It is encouraging to see the fruit.


Though few in numbers, I know they are going to be used to bring many to the Lord.

The first year students were disappointing. There were two that were sent home and another two quit. Now we have five who are doing their second year and are still looking for many new students to join.


As Fanilo is starting his school.

1- We are praying for a scooter to get Fanilo back and forth to school. We need $ 850 for a scooter, helmet and insurance.

2- Fanilo’s school fees is $ 20 a month

We appreciate if you can help lift these needs up in your prayers. If anyone would like to help us in any of these financial needs, please send your gift according to the coupons below.


We want to express our special thanks to those who are faithfully  supporting us in prayer and finances . Because of your faithfulness, we are winning on

this side. Remember that great  are your rewards.

May the blessings of God be upon you who read this newsletter.

Liva, Nomena, Fanilo, Fiderana Rakotomalala

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