Sibanda, Claimet & Sipho (Fall 2009)

The Sibanda Story – Fall 2009

Greetings from Zimbabwe in the Almighty Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

How is the Lord blessing you?

In Zimbabwe, He has continued to watch over us despite the cholera, swine flu, and outbreaks of other diseases. He has kept us strong, in good health, and provided for our needs.

Brethren, we failed to have Boot Camp because of cholera this year, but we are praying that the Lord may have His own way by allowing us to have the Boot Camp next year. Please pray for Zimbabwe that the enemy may not hinder God’s work by introducing his tactics.

We have already begun to prepare for the 2009-2010 Boot Camp. Please pray for the success of this program.

Currently, we have 10 students being trained as missionaries at the Zimbabwe Bible, Missionary, & Work Training Center. When they finish, many plan to stay in ministry, some of them with Teen Missions, and some with other organizations. A few have been working with New Life Ministries, while others help us around the base. Because of their efforts, we have a beautiful garden growing.


I (Sipho) was privileged to go and have a workshop on HIV Aids as a person who is HIV positive. I was challenged to teach other people who do not understand HIV about how they can get help.

1)  Pray for our family that, despite the situation, we can continue holding on to Jesus Christ.

2)  Pray that we will be able to get  medicine to boost my immune system.

3)  Pray that we may accept this condition and proceed with life.

4)  Pray that as a family we may strengthen each other in times like these.

5)  Pray that we will know that with God nothing is impossible.

6) Pray that as we live in a difficult country where there is no money, no medicine, and no peace, we can manage to stand still and know that He is good.

God is giving us grace every day to do His will.

With lots of love we are yours in Christ,

Claimet, Sipho, Hope and Delight Sibanda


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