Petersen, Steve & Gay (Fall 2009)

The Petersens in His Harvest – Fall 2009

Our daughter Faith was a ‘Mustard Seed’ team member for the first time this year and loved her experience. She stayed in a tent, ran the Obstacle Course and learned about serving the Lord from other missionaries. Thank you to Mary & Annabelle Lane for taking Faith through the Mustard Seed Boot Camp with you! Our son, Timothy, was a first-time team member also this year in the Peanut Boot Camp. He was active in their Obstacle Course, classes and rallies. He was very serious about recruiting prayer partners before the camp and we are grateful to those of you who prayed for him during his team. Gay was again the coordinator for the Peanut Boot Camp. The numbers were down this year, but the leaders were great and the program ran smoothly. To God be the glory for those who accepted Christ as their Savior and for all who grew in maturity and character! Steve again served in the Teen Boot Camps as a counselor, Advanced Evangelism teacher and Boot Camp speaker. He also helped with training the film teams that travelled this year to Zambia.


We were blessed again to lead a small American team to Russia to assist us in running the national Boot Camp there. We trained two teams and sent one out while keeping the other to help us with the huge task of winterizing the two-story log Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center (BMW). Several Russian police officers paid an unexpected visit to our Russian work team in Dalmativa. They were running a Vacation Bible School program for the neighborhood children at the time and were asked many questions regarding their right to be teaching the kids. God gave the leaders and volunteers courage in their responses and the program continued… both the outreach and work project, up to the final day! Praise the Lord! We are thankful for many changed lives and for those who accepted Christ as their Savior! Our new Bible Training Center in Russia is now beginning its second year and we thank the Lord for Babushka Katya and Lyuda as they faithfully serve there as coordinators.

Fall Plans

We have just completed a 5,000 plus-mile journey across the U.S. to see friends, family and supporters and report on our ministry projects. We had a wonderful time in Denver. (A special thanks to the Finks for sharing their home and to Sandy for all her work planning our schedule!) We were then able to go into the mountains for some vacation time in Paonia, Colorado, where some longtime friends of our family graciously shared their home. We visited a hot spring and hiked some beautiful trails. Timothy was able to attend his first ‘real’ tackle football game when the local high school played a game across the street from us!

We have now arrived back home safely. Our annual Staff Field Conference begins this week as our staff prepare and plan for the coming year and develop additional training materials. We have a lot of work to do cleaning and organizing both at home and at the office after being on the field for the past three months. Timothy is continuing second grade as a homeschooler and Faith is attending VPK (preschool) at our local church. Steve continues to serve in the Internet Technology (IT) Department and helps to coordinate logistics between the Video, Promotions, Personnel and Finance departments. He plans to resume teaching in the Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center in November with the Synthesis IV (Gospels) course.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support over the past few months. Jesus is Worthy!

Together in His Harvest,

Steve, Gay, Timothy & Faith Petersen

Is 6:8 / Heb. 11:1 / Phil 2:22&20 / Gal. 2:20


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