The Bravest Girl

4436177784809251933As a foot washing team, our summer was planned around the orphans at the three rescue units we visited. We would wash the orphans feet, bandage any cuts and give the kids a pair of socks and shoes. At our second unit there was a little girl whom I will never forget.

This little girl was about three years old; she was wearing a denim dress and came during a day when we weren’t busy. What drew my attention was her right leg. Her entire foot and the lower part of her leg were covered in massive burns. As our leader, Josiah, tried to gently wash her wounds, they would start to bleed. The four of us who were washing other orphans feet went to help as soon as we were available. After cleaning the burns, we applied anti-bacterial cream and wrapped up her foot. One of my teammates washed her other foot and put on a shoe. The other shoe was given to the girl’s guardian because it was impossible to put her shoe on over the bandaged foot.

The remarkable thing was not her burn however, throughout the entire time we were with her, she did not utter a sound. I cannot imagine how much pain she was in… although I could see it in her face. She never screamed or cried out. She is the bravest little girl I know.

4436177784809251977My Little Precious (as I have come to think of her since I don’t know her name) taught me a lot that day. Besides her courage, God used her to exemplify our work that summer and I know that I was where God wanted me. Despite my faults, God was able to use me to help my Little Precious and many other children. While filling their physical needs, we were able to show them God’s love and help them with their spiritual needs as well.

Zambia Foot Washing – 09001 – by Stephanie

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