Serving in Nicaragua!

DSC04696Our adventures began like most teams by a bumpy bus ride to a church located in Diriamba, Nicaragua. After meeting our host family and placing our possessions in their proper location, we went directly next door to the in finish building that was our project. By the next couple day’s work on the project was rolling smoothly. We had cages steel tied and concrete mixed and bricks being placed. Over the next week or two the project went along just fine. In fact, almost too fast, and too well. By week 3 most of our supply money was gone and the need for rebar  and steel was still increasing. Not only those needs our fearless leader Shannon Bobb, addressed our group with these things. He asked if anyone would be willing to give towards the roof  that we would be able to see the building in a livable state. Immediately God began to work by stirring the heart of one of our team members. By the end of the week the roof was completely paid for and would soon be purchased.

Yet the need still remained for the rebar and steel and a new need for cement had also come up. With the faith of a prophet the pastor of the church, Abraham, began sharing with other churches the needs that they were having for our project. Day after day, Abraham would pray and share the needs with many people. Again God’s hand of provision worked in many ways. Every few days someone would drive by with horse and wagon loaded up with either rebar or steel or cement. It was really a neat thing to see how God provided for all of the supplies. Not only were the people of Nicaragua blessed because of God’s provision, but also so were we. If you will only ask God for the needs you have, God will surely answer your call.Nicaragua 2009 207



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