Tales of the Tribe

Brazil 09 098 Finally we had arrived at the tribe. Our 16-hour bus rid had came to the end. As we stepped off the bus fireworks went off and the native Brazilians welcomed us with shouts of joy and there were hugs and handshakes all around. We sang the song “Waves of Mercy” to show our appreciation for their hospitality. The tribe leader officially welcomed us to their village. We were also surprised to find that we were the first Americans they had ever met. Two days later we had the opportunity to meet with Pastor Nonato and he shared his testimony with us. His testimony was very powerful and encouraging to us. It was a blessing to hear how God had always provided for him throughout his missionary journey. Later on that day we had the opportunity to meet with the youth in the tribe. We took turns asking questions about each other’s culture and everyday life. We got to know each other better and shared a few laughs. After our Q and A time we played a friendly game of soccer. We learned that the Brazilians are better at soccer than us. The following day we walked 2 kilometers to the next Tribe. We spent most of the day swimming in the river with the children. A guy on our team had a lot of fun bonding with the kids by doing flips and other fun tricks. When we had diner that night we all gave up our seconds so the children could have some food. Later on that night we did two presentations back to back. The first one was for the children. Our leader thanked the tribe for hosting us and they said that we were welcome back any time. Even though we only had one day we bonded with the children and made friends quickly which was encouragement to us. We were able to spend time with the poor people of the tribe who were very passionate about their faith. It was great to be able to see how real God is not only in America, but also in Brazil.Brazil 09 229

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