Learning in Malawi

09MalawiUST017Before coming to Teen Missions I struggled with peer pressure from my un-Christian friends. A big problem I had was with secular music and I was slipping away from Christ. But thankfully God showed me Teen Missions. I was spiritually uplifted at boot camp. In Malawi, God showed me a lot and God has been helping me in my morning devotions. I was challenged to stop listening to music that did not honor God. When I was on the foothill of the mountain, I felt the Lord was telling me to leave all my burdens there. My time on the hill was a real experience with the Lord. I felt God’s presence around me and my burdens were lifted. Over this summer, I have learned that if I keep my heart and mind open to things of God, I will feel the presence of the Lord. I will never forget this summer!MalawiUST_34


Malawi Foot Washing-09008

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