Stories from Zambia Rescue Units

From Martin Kabwebwe at Mibende- Thank God for the help Teen Missions is rendering to the community of Mibende. Recently Teen Missions agreed to help a desperate woman who had been abandoned by her husband. Because the husband had been a community school teacher the community had given them a small house to live in but when the husband left the community decided to remove the woman and her four children from the home. She managed to mold some mud bricks and she made a crude shelter for her family but it had no roof. Teen Missions was able to roof the mud hut and her family will now be able to sleep in a roofed house and have shelter from the upcoming rains. Thank God for Teen Missions who is giving hope to the hopeless. May God bless Teen Missions because it is a ministry for people.

From Derick Chungu at Mansa- The orphans are really appreciating the ministry of Teen Missions through the projects like orphans gardens. I have had four orphans that I taught gardening and are now raising vegetables on their own. Through the sale of these vegetables they are able to completely pay for their own school fees and also get school uniforms and other supplies. One orphan is the only one to have vegetables at his village and is supplying the whole village. It is through projects like this that I hope to expand the opportunities for many more orphans and enable them to meet their own school expenses.

From Richard Matolokoshi at Solwezi- Martha Mwitwa is a girl 9 years of age and here is her story. On Oct 8th a white government van came to our unit and asked if Teen Missions could care for this girl. Her mother, who is single, has had to resort to prostitution for support and the family is having severe hunger. One day the mother had prepared some Nshima for her family but left it to make a quick trip to a neighbors house. When she returned she found that Martha had taken some Nshima because she was so hungry. The mother went into a furious rage , took a stick and began severally beating Martha. Then the mother took a knife and began cutting off Marthas fingers. The neighbors heard Marthas chilling screams and came to find her covered in blood. They took Martha to the police with the mother as well. The girl was turned over to the courts and the courts brought her to Teen Missions. This unit is correctly called a rescue unit. Martha was literally rescued and brought here. She now doesn’t ever want to leave the unit but wants to stay with us.

From Mike Monze at Luswishi- One Saturday afternoon we were having a day camp and a certain lady came to see us. We had her sit down and began talking to her. We asked what we could do for her and she said I am sick, I need your help please. We asked what was her problem was she said that she has a wound on her breast. It had started on its own and was now a very huge wound. We suspected cancer and said she should go to the hospital. She said she went to the hospital and they couldn’t do anything and sent her home. She said could you please help me? I looked at my wife and she commenced to clean the wound with antiseptic. The wound was scary. my wife covered it with cream and she prayed for her healing, and told her to come back in three days. The treatment and prayers continued. It has been about a month now and the wound is healed completely. What looked impossible with us was possible with God.

From Mathews Shikishi at Mukema- Here at Mukema we are entering the time of hunger. The people of this area must walk 5-10 miles to get to a hammer mill. But now the rains have started and the two rivers in this area are beginning to flood and the people can not cross them. This leaves the people to find food from the forest. They do at times find roots to eat and the trees also have honeycombs so there might be honey, and at this time mushrooms can be found. But this is a struggle and these items are not always available. The only bridges the people have over the rivers are logs and trees they cut to put across the river but when the water rises the logs are washed away and the rivers are swift and deep, some have drowned trying to cross. The people are praying for a solution.

From Derick Chungu at Mansa- The Ushi people that live around the Ethiopia Rocks unit have many traditional beliefs that keep them in bondage to evil spirits. Even babies are born with evil spirits because of what is done to them even before birth. These procedures are dictated by the evil spirits. When the children are born many are immediately sick. The parents then take them to witch doctors. Most continue sick and many die. Because many of these mothers come to the mothers seminar Teen Missions has at the Ethiopia Rocks unit they are told that healing for there babies is to be found in the Lord Jesus Christ. After this type of teaching for several days one lady brought her baby in for prayers. I prayed for the child and the baby recovered. Word spread that this child had been healed and one day four more mothers brought their babies for prayer. I instructed them that they themselves needed to give their lives to Jesus so that through their faith their babies could be healed. The four mothers did pray to receive Jesus and we prayed for their babies. Mothers are now coming to the unit for prayer instead of going to the witch doctors. It is my prayer that through this ministry many people will accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and many will be delivered from evil spirits.

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