Time at Benga II, Welman Family Unit

The Kids of Malawi

The Kids of Malawi

While in Benga II, we had many things to do including building an oven for the girls to bake in and of finishing the playground. We did babysitting for Robert and Elicy, taking care of their beautiful daughter Delight. We also continued to teach classes to the kids and spend time with them. One of the classes was about skin color. Ever since arriving in Benga II, the kids have called us ‘azungu’ meaning white person. It really bothered us, especially when the kids knew our names. We tried to teach them to see past the color. So for class, Pinky and I covered ourselves in a dark brown paste made of mud and charcoal and we were ‘wakuda’ (black) for the class. First, we pointed to a kid with a white shirt and asked them all what color it was. White. Then we pointed to a boy with black trousers and asked what color they were. Black. We held up our unpainted palms to the shirt and asked, ‘is my skin white?’ No. Then we held up one of the boy’s arms to the trousers and asked, ‘is his skin black?’ No. We discussed how we were not white and they were not black; we are all different shades of brown. Some of us are lighter shades and others darker, but we are all brown. We talked about how God made each and every one of us special and beautiful and different from each other. But we are all in the same in that God created us all and He created us all with brown skin.


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