Building In Papua

143 (2)This year our team’s work project was to dig three septic tank holes for the BMW base in Nabire. It was a very tough task, but with it we also learned a lot about teamwork and had some funny moments. Every morning we would wake up to the sound of Adam shaking our tents and telling us that we only had 15 minutes to wake up till we were supposed to be ready to work. Now, it was the rainy season in Papua, so we had to bail water using or personal buckets every morning. We used those buckets every day without fail and luckily most of our buckets made it through the summer without a patch of duct tape. The holes that we were digging had to be about six feet deep, 12 feet long and eight feet wide. So each tank hole took a lot of time and work to complete, especially considering the fact that after digging about four feet down, the holes got treacherously mucky. We spent about six or seven minutes trying to pull Pablo out of a hole one evening because his rubber boot got stuck so deeply in the mud. The water issue was a really annoying and a time-consuming task to deal with every day and sometimes the water was so deep that it would be up to your waist if you were to get in the hole. God knew about our problem and sent us a pump that our neighbor lent us. But the pump couldn’t keep up all day long so we still had to bail water and goopy mud out with our buckets. We helped lay the bricks in the first two holes but the last one had us working furiously up to the last minute to get it dug and lay concrete on the bottom. We wanted to do a little sightseeing that day but had to lay the concrete at the bottom of the hole. So we got all of our energy together and had one last hour-long concrete mixing and wheelbarrow sprinting so that we could finish up that last hole and go get some souvenirs.323




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