Deceit Vs Truth

Russian Church in Etaterinburg

Russian Church in Etaterinburg

On sight-seeing day, our team went to a big Russian mall. We walked around looking at all the shops. Eventually we made our way to the Adidas store. Kerry and I noticed a young woman who worked there following us. We turned and began conversing with her using her broken English and our broken Russian. She said she was part of the Russian Orthodox Church. I was reminded of the sadness I had often heard of being present in Russia. She was sure that if she was a good person and believed in herself, she would go to heaven. In addition, God would forgive those who do not believe. We tried to tell her the truth, using God’s wWord, but she was firm in her unbelief, or lack thereof.  We know that no matter how great the persecution and trials, the name of the Lord, will be made known and will prevail. We may place our hope forever in Him.




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