Building For Jesus In Suriname

09SurinameUST34Our team went to Suriname, South America. We went to Suriname to build the girls’ dorms at Camp Zion. Not only did we work on the dorms, but we also built our team and had a great time. There were many times when we had spiritual uplifting and times where we had lots of fun singing praises and worship songs. But I believe one of the most spiritual uplifting times was when we were doing our evening devotions. The team members wrote good things about each other for a share time. Afterwards, we all happily started to talk about how to really trust in each other and show brotherly love. That night was awesome for me and I wished that night could last forever. Not only that, but I could really feel the presence of God electrifying the air. It felt ¬†like family with my team and I know that they will love each other no matter what. This trip has been a great experience and this has been one of the most spiritual times of my life.09SurinameUST32




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