Night In A Covered Wagon!

Covered Wagon CampIt was a stormy Monday night. We were praying that the rain would stop. Tonight was supposed to be the night we got to sleep in the covered wagons. Sometimes I feel as if God is not there when so many of us are praying that the rain will stop, but it doesn’t. I know God could just go “bam!” and the rain would stop. Being all disappointed, we went to bed hoping it would clear up and  we would get to sleep in the covered wagons the next night. The next morning it was pretty cloudy. But throughout the day it started clearing up. When it was time to go to devotions, it looked like it was going to rain again so we prayed and God cleared the sky up. Then we all roasted marshmallows with chocolate and graham crackers and slept in the covered wagons!


Covered Wagon-09016


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