Beaches, Sunsets, and Snorkeling

Fiji 09Thoughts of beaches, sunsets and snorkeling might appear in your mind, but living here in Fiji has opened my eyes to see much more. The Fijian culture, the happy and courteous people, the children yearning for knowledge, and the relaxed lifestyles brought me to the unfortunate conclusion that Americans are too busy. Whether they spend all day worrying about their hair or thinking about what they need to add to their TV room, Americans could never stop and relax. I also saw how much God has taught me through the Fijian culture. Patience, kindness, and joy in hard times are all virtues that God has brought into my life. Although all of those are difficult to conquer, I had the hardest time with thankfulness. It was hard to be thankful for the four-day rain or our drenched tents, but somehow through prayers and constant reminder, I have been able to stop before I complain, and think of the benefits. It will be a challenge to continue this back home, but God will always be there for me.




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