Learning in Nepal

Nepal Elephant RideThis summer on the Nepal team, God taught me so much. I learned to be content with all that I have. Also, that I always have something to contribute to the team and to the body of Christ and that I am not better than any one else on my team. One of the biggest lessons I learned was to always accept and genially love other believers. One way I learned this was through my everyday interaction with the team. When you are living with the same people all the time for two months, you have to accept them for who they are. You must look past any petty annoyances they may have and have a sincere love for them as brothers and sisters in the Lord. It was challenging at times, but God really changed my heart and helped me to love every one of my team members. Another thing that influenced my attitude towards other Christians was through observing the precious children at Mendes Haven in Nepal where our project was located. Just watching the love the kids had for each other, and our team, really touched me. Even hearing them all call each other brother and sister was so sweet to hear every day. There was such a welcoming, loving, and accepting atmosphere at the Haven that really inspired me to love other Christians in the same way. Now at the end of the summer, I really feel like I have a genuine love for others and a desire to be unified with all other believers.IMG_0603

Melody Rose

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