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Evangelistic Films -Mongolia

Evangelistic Films -Mongolia

Teen Missions International began developing culturally relevant evangelistic films in the late 1980s. The goal has always been to present the gospel more effectively in the Third World by producing a dramatic story line that fits the lifestyle of a particular area. All the films listed here have been shot on location using national actors. The effectiveness of this outreach is incredible, especially in rural areas, as people view their peers on film for the first time and listen to the gospel message being presented in a familiar setting to which they can easily relate. We have also found the films to be interchangeable as people everywhere tend to develop a natural curiosity about their neighboring countries. Their hearts are often deeply touched when they realize that all people face some of the same basic problems, and God, in His mercy, offers one solution to all. The unique authenticity of each film’s development also enables them to be an effective language and cultural training tool.

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  1. Nebe Cletus Ezeneto

    This is wonderful, it brings the mmessage of our Lord Jesus closer than ever. Can I be a part of it.

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