Life-Sized Replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle

Old Testament TabernacleStep back in time to experience the beauty, size and meaning of the Old Testament Tabernacle…


2018 Tours are now available at our displays in Florida (April 1st), Texas (May 11th)  and Iowa (May 11th)!  

NEW 2018  Tabernacle Locations


Teen Missions saw a need to point people back to the basic principle of salvation based on the shed blood of the lamb.

In January of 1995, we began to build a life-size replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle to use as an evangelistic tool to point others to Christ and to raise funds for AIDS Orphans in Africa.  The building of the Tabernacle was a longtime dream of Director Robert M. Bland and fellow classmate Howard Vanderpool who sat under the teaching of Dr. John A. Hubbard while attending Arizona Bible Institute (ABI).  Dr. Hubbard taught at ABI for 15 years and at The Institute of Los Angles for 28 years. Some of the many he taught included R.G. Le Tourneau, Irving Moon, Charles Fuller and E.C. Eymann.

God gave Moses two skilled craftsmen  Bezaleel of the tribe of Judah and Aholiab of the tribe of Dan, to build the Old Testament Tabernacle in the wilderness. God gave Teen Missions two skilled craftsmen for our replica, Howard and Mary Vanderpool.

To learn more, visit the Old Testament Tabernacle website!


  1. Hi, I am a FTM (Honduras Horse ’01), and I am in the Navy now, but I really think you guys should try to get the Tabernacle out to Guam. I remember seeing it a long time ago at Southwestern College when I went there, and I know a lot of people out here in Guam would really be blessed by it. I would love to see it again, too.

  2. WE saw the tabernacle replica years ago in Phoenix and would love to see it again. We have talked about it all this time and many of our friends are interested. Where is it to be located next? do you have a calendar?

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