Powell, Dave & Becca (Fall 2009)

Powell FamilyPowell Portrait – Fall 2009

What an amazing time it has been for us since we’ve arrived in Belize.  God seems to be testing our faith each day as we STAND with Him and trust His open arms that are full of His unconditional love.

This summer was a growing time for us all.  The seventeen youth who came with us to Belize were a delight to work with.  They began the construction of our bathroom/shower block for the Teen Missions property here.  They inlaid all the plumbing for six toilets and showers, poured the cement floor and started laying the brick walls.  David kept very busy overseeing the project and purchasing the supplies while being a self-learner in plumbing.  Becca helped plan and prepare the meals and we both instructed discipleship and evangelism classes.  On the weekends we had the opportunity to interact with the locals through puppets, music and games.  Each Sunday we were able to minister in a different church in the community and share about Teen Missions in Belize.  It was a blessing for everyone!

It took us a few weeks to settle into our home here after the teens returned to the U.S.  We had a lot to learn about maintaining the base property, caring for 21 chickens, the three watchdogs and their 12 pups.  We have been learning about the wide variety of insects, spiders, snakes and birds in the area.  It has made for some great homeschooling!  New adventures and learning opportunities have become a part of our daily routine.  In the midst of it all, Gaby, Sarah and Caleb are trying to work through their text books as well.  They have embraced this new life very well and have jumped right in to share the workload.  We are all enjoying our quality time together as a family and sharing many laughs about our experiences throughout the day as we adjust to the heat, lack of electricity, and no refrigerator or washing machine.  We are working on fixing a diesel generator that may be able to support some of these appliances.  Please pray that God will make a way!


Now we are moving on to a new chapter as the Lord has prompted us to move forward with the Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center (BMW) here at Honey Camp.  Teen Missions has been here in Belize for about five years building up the property to accommodate young people who have an interest in Biblical studies and missionary work.  We feel very fortunate to be the first staff here to open the school.  Through the hard work of those who came before us, we have been blessed to share in the fruit of their labor.  By the time you receive this newsletter, we will be well under way.  Our first day of school was Sept. 22.  We currently have 10 students enrolled in the school from three different villages.  They range from ages 16 to 28; some of them speak Spanish, some of them speak Creole, but they all speak some English.  The teachers come from volunteer pastors in the local community.  We currently have only one teacher volunteering.  David is teaching five of the seven classes offered during the week while Becca is teaching one.  We had been praying for a local family to join staff with us who would be able to share the responsibilities of the school.  In just three days notice a family of four has jumped on board with the vision to share this burden with us.  Miguel has only been saved one year but has a strong passion to serve the Lord.  Teen Missions has made an exception for this new staff family to attend the BMW classes as well as help coordinate the school.   Miguel is an experienced bricklayer and carpenter and will be overseeing the work training of the students in the afternoon while David prepares for his classes.  Miguel’s wife, Rosaura, will help with a variety of tasks and help assist Becca in the kitchen to prepare the native foods.  Their family will receive a small salary of $100 per month from Teen Missions to help support their work here, but they also are trusting the Lord to provide for them.  If anyone would like to help support for this family, you can do so through Teen Missions.

Please keep Miguel’s family, the ten students, and our family in your prayers through this time of transition as we all adjust to the many changes and challenges that are before us.  We know that God is doing mighty things here in Belize and we are so honored to be a part of His work.  We come before Him with hearts full of thanksgiving and praise for His faithfulness through each one of you as you partner with us in prayer and in financial support.

Standing in His grace,

David, Becca, Sarah, Gabriela and Caleb


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