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Russia Team

Join forces with fired-up teens from Russia to impact the world’s largest country, on this exciting multi-purpose summer missions trip! Watch local village farmers pass by on horse-drawn carts as you begin your project by Training National Teens in work and evangelism skills such as construction, music, drama, puppets and balloons. You will treasure the sights and sounds of Russian cheers and special music in the evening rallies while sharing and teaching your own “special numbers”…always a big hit to the Russian teams. Your work project will be to continue the construction of the Teen Missions BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK Training Center. Your team will participate in soccer and volleyball scrimmages with local youth in neighboring towns, sharing the Gospel during “half-time” presentations and building friendships before and after games.Warm days (with 20 hours of daylight) and cool evenings will be a welcome relief after the Florida Boot Camp.

June 24 – August 15


Krasnaya Niva


A sightseeing trip to Ekaterinburg includes visits to the Europe/Asia border and to an ornate Orthodox church built to commemorate the death of Nicholas II and his family, the last of Russia’s royalty. Shopping will include a visit to the enormous new IKEA mall and to street vendors selling world-famous matryoshka dolls, wood carvings and birch paintings.


Housing for the team will vary between tents and dorms, depending on the time of the project. Laundry will be done using buckets.


After completing Boot Camp, you will fly from the Miami International Airport, across 10 time zones spanning the Atlantic Ocean, Europe and the Caucus Mountains, to historic Ekaterinburg, Russia via Frankfurt, Germany. Once your team has landed, you will bus past traditional Russian dachas, gardens, wheat fields and birch forests to your destination in Krasnaya Niva.

(Note: Florida Debrief)

Contributions Equal To: $3890 U.S. plus Registration Fee

Russia is the largest country in the world with a size of 6,592,800 square miles. It shares land borders with 16 countries and five oceans. It is the ninth largest country in population with 142 million people; 73% of the population live in urban areas. There is a free education system guaranteed to all citizens and they boast a 99.4% literacy rate. The traditional religions of Russia include Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism. However, the dominant religion in Russia is Russian Orthodoxy, though most of its adherents do not attend church on a regular basis. Most see religious practice as a symbol of Russian heritage and culture and the Orthodox Church is widely respected.Teen Missions had been working in the Ukraine since 1992. However, in 2006, the Boot Camp was moved to Russia and property purchased near Shadrinsk, in the village of Krasnaya Niva. A BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center was established in September 2008 and four students are currently attending the BMW.


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  1. Hi! Both my children were on several TMI Trips – now they have children old enough to go. I’m wondering if my 20 year old granddaughter could be an Asst. leader on the Russian Team and
    my grandson Jonathan (17) could be a team member on the same team. Do you still have room?

    If so – what does an Asst. team leader so – and how much do they pay?

    Also – are there showers on the Russian Sports Team? Thanks!

    1. Please have the granddaughter call the office and talk with the leader placement department. Her brother can go on the same team. There are Russian “banyas” which are like a sauna. That is where they shower/bathe.

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  3. I have always wanted to go but the way these camps go i would have to find some way home early because we get time off in the fall for harvest and our school starts the 10 or 11 to make room in the year for the harvest

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