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June 13 — July 31

Prepare for an unforgettable summer of serving the Lord on this missions trip as you train at the Lord’s Boot Camp to share the Gospel with Bulgarian and Roma youth. Using sports as a ministry, your team will participate in soccer and volleyball scrimmages sharing the Gospel during “half-time” presentations and building friendships before and after games. You will also help paint the classrooms on the property.


Your summer will be spent in the village of Razlogpirin, Bulgaria, located in the Rhodope Mountains.


Souvenirs such as baskets, leather goods, pottery and T-shirts can be purchased in the local market. On your return to Florida for Debrief, you will have an overnight in London where you may take the “Tube” (London’s famous subway system) into the city to see such sights as Westminster Cathedral, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.


Housing while in Bulgaria is in classrooms and showers are available; laundry will be done using a bucket.


After completing Boot Camp, your missions trip will begin with a bus ride to Orlando International Airport for a flight across the Atlantic Ocean to London, England. A connecting flight then takes you across the English Channel, Swiss Alps and the Adriatic Sea before arriving in Thessalonica, Greece. Your journey will take you through this biblcally-rich city, located on the beautiful shores of the Aegean Sea and named after Alexander the Great’s sister (Thessaloniki). Here you will board a bus for a three-hour ride through the northern farmlands of Greece dotted with olive trees—crossing through Macedonia, the location of Alexander the Great’s palace—through the Rhodope Mountains and on to the village of Razlogpirin, Bulgaria (Note: Florida Debrief)

Contributions Equal To: $3890 U.S. plus Registration Fee


Commissioning at Summer Boot Camp

The Republic of Bulgaria forms part of the Balkan region of southeastern Europe. It shares borders with Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, the Black Sea and Greece. Bulgaria is a member of the European Union since 2007 and NATO since 2004. President Georgi Parvanov, who governs the country from the capital city of Sofia, leads this Parliamentary Republic which was recognized as an independent nation in 1908. With a landmass slightly larger than the state of Tennessee, the nation is home to approximately 7 million people, 83% of whom are native Bulgarian, 9% are Turk and 4.7% are Roma. The majority of the population adheres to Bulgarian Orthodoxy and speaks the national language of Bulgarian. Major agricultural products include a variety of fruits and vegetables, tobacco, wine, wheat, barley, sunflowers, sugar beets and livestock. As for topography, Bulgaria varies greatly from snow-capped peaks to the sunny Black Sea coast, from continental plains to lowlands in the southern areas.


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  1. This sounds really neat! I only saw the highlighted trips and missed the others! I am glad my dad found them. Do we need to get shots for any of the mission trips?

  2. Will this trip be available next year (2011)? It sounds like a really fun trip! I would like to do this one next year!!

  3. Are we allowed to bring shorts for our travel outfit on the way home or do we have to wear jeans on the flight home?

  4. No, you may bring soccer cleats and you may want to bring an “old” pair that you can leave for the nationals.

  5. Yes, you can bring cleats. You might want to bring an older pair and leave them for the nationals.

  6. when we go to greece do you get to see the sites like alexanders palce and stop there for a little bit.

  7. What do you do at BC?

  8. I’m not sure how to sign up for this one. or how much it is.

    • Go on our web site and look in the middle and click under 2010 Mission Trips. Scroll down till you get to that team. You can register online. It will also give you the cost.

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  10. Im going on this one!
    Is the BC really as hard as it sounds..?
    if so, how do i prepare myself for it?

  11. what if you can’t afford to pay the whole thing but want to go, are there like scholarships available or something?

  12. I think this sounds fantastic. I love going on missions trips and would love to go on this one.

  13. What us the registration fee?

  14. i thought this team was early bootcamp. why do the dates say its super bc?

  15. wow this team sounds really awesome! people you better sign up so it doesn’t get cancelled! =D

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