Honduras Horseback 2010| Teen Missions Trip


Imagine taking the Word of God to people just as the circuit riding preachers did long ago—by horseback!On this summer missions trip you will spread the Gospel using films, puppets, music, drama and testimonies and using horses to ride into remote areas in southern Honduras. Hearts will be touched and changed by the power of God. After two weeks of riding, you will begin building latrines for remote villages that currently do not have these facilities. Note: This is a change from the project listed in the brochure.

June 24 – August 15


Enjoy a day at the spectacular 150-foot Pulhapanzak Waterfalls, where you may take a dip in the Rio Lindo River. You will also spend a day in San Pedro Sula bartering for wooden keepsake boxes, hammocks, machetes, jewelry and other Central American treasures.


From the airport you travel by truck two hours through the Comayagua Mountains to the Teen Missions in Honduras BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center near the village of San Isidro. From here you will bus south to Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. You will continue another two hours before boarding a boat and traveling down the Patuca River. Your final destination will be three different remote villages in this area.


Housing will in tents. Bathing and laundry will be done using buckets.


Upon completing Boot Camp, your team will bus to the Miami International Airport and check in for your flight to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. From the airport, you travel by truck two hours through the Comayagua Mountains to the Teen Missions in Honduras BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center near the village of San Isidro. You will continue by bus for seven hours before boarding a boat where you will travel down the Patuca River. Your final destination will be three different remote villages.

(Note: Florida Debrief)

Contributions Equal To: $2790 U.S. plus Registration Fee

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    1. I am not sure what you mean by “safety protocol”. Team members are not allowed to “roam” without a leader present. That includes going into town, sightseeing, etc.

  1. Hey i have a question from my dad…
    what is safety protocal for once we are off of Teen Missions property and into Honduras (aside from calling out our designated number in order when transporting)?????
    thanks 😀

    1. Everyone travels in a group with a leader present. When boarding planes, going through security, etc. There will be a leader at the head of the line and a leader at the back of the line.

  2. I was in Honduras in 2008 and it was about 85 degrees during the day and a little chilly in the mornings but not very cold. (although it does feel cold after boot camp 🙂 also, there are these little black flies that are everywhere and can get very annoying so bring a jacket or at least a couple long sleeved shirts to prevent from bites!! 🙂 hope you guys have an AWESOME summer!!! 🙂

  3. i know we aren’t supposed to bring camoflage clothes but can we have a blue camo-and-bug print sleeping bag? my mom got me a 2 pound one and we’re hoping it’ll work

  4. 11 more days! This is the hardest part of getting ready. The panic of: Do I have this? Did I remember that? Should I bring this thing? Do I? Did I? Should I? Can I? etc. etc.

  5. SWEET BOILING HOT LAVA!!! (Yes, I know that is a wierd expression.) Lol. I just got the full reality check that I’m leaving in 15 days. AI YI YI! Anybody else feel the same way I do? 🙂

    From Jonathan’s mom: Brianna, I sympathize! Do you have a direct flight? Your post prompted us to pray specifically for travel for you and your teammates today, in addition to a few other things 🙂

  6. I know i should be exciteddd for this summer, which i am, but that first-time-flying/summer-alone-PANIC is setting in and i’m just freaking out 🙁 *groan* really excited, but with that comes great terror….. been traveling for like 5 years and of course now is the time that traveling starts to scare me…. 😛

  7. Hey guys! I’m totally excited to meet all of you and be apart of the great things we’re going to do! I’ll be praying for tyler and all of us! Hope you guys pray for the whole team too:)!~

  8. My name is Elena and my daughter Josephine is going on the hondorus trip and she just got in and is very excited. We are trying to get ahold of some of the PA girls to see where you are flying out of if you would share that. Our daughter has never flown and isn’t the best with new situations like finding the correct plane. We are getting ready to book her flights to and from Florida. We are closer to Washington DC but would look at Pittsburgh to fly out of if anyone could be of help. Blessings and we are praying for all on the trip

  9. Well why thank you guys! But talking about the trip is getting me super dooper excited! And giving me butterflys. Although it tickles haha . And I got your request Brianna I will add you after awhile! Alrightyy 🙂

  10. haha okay i think I found you I’ll send friend request. And EVeryOne loves Chirleyz she;s just awesome that way!! 🙂 Ya gotta love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. dandra i’m pretty sure that i’m the only Brianna JeAnne Leamy on there so it should be easy to find me lol 🙂
    Chirley i like you already cuz of that post lol i am still cracking up at it 😀
    Cant wait ta meeeeeeeet youuuuuuuuuuu peoooooooooplllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Oh well. This may seem weird but… Heres a little about me. 🙂
    I’m 15 years old. I love to Ice skate and Horseback ride. (Can’t say I’m very good at either , but hey there fun so what does it matter?? ha ha) I’m a christian. And I’m very outgoing. Love to be wild and fun. My best friennd is Chirley J Ross. ( She too is going to the Honduras trip with me :] ) I have been on several other mission trips as well including: Bolivia, and Quebec. I am very excited to go to Honduras and Am praying for everyone. I’m sure over the summer we will all face great challenges. Challenges I have yet to find out about. I struggle in my faith quite a bit and I pray that this will help draw me closer to my Lord and savior. I’m sure we all will be great friends. And that we all will try to help each other as much as possible! I can’t wait to meet you all in Florida! I’m so psyched!! God Bless you all! :] 🙂 :p 😀

  13. UGH! I ‘m trying to find you all on facebook but it’s so hard. Lol I can’t seem to find anybody! Come on Lord Almighty Just a litttle hellp??? PLease!!??

  14. Hey again! I am praying for Tyler. :)( I dont’t Know you Tyler, but Hey. :)) I hope everything is okay and works out for him. Messed up by God? Lol I like your wording there Caleb. :). And mmhm Drums would have been pretty neato. :0

  15. HEYY:]
    Well first off I feel like I need to tell you guys something. I HAD A poptart for breakfast! SMORE flavor! It was scrumpcious! Haha well I’m super siked for the trip! We get to ride a huge furry thing for 3 weeks! woahhaa! Is that not exciting or what?!? Well keeping everyone in my prayers! Cant wait to meet you all! Look me up on facebook:) It’s Chirley J Johnson on there. Buhbyess.

  16. hey guyss im so pumped its getting closerrr but a really need you guys to all pray for tyler because he really wants to go but he is haveing a reallyhard with with family issues and haveing a hard time raising the money so please pray for him because i really wanna see him go because he has a strong heart and i want to see him get messed up by god and i know that can happen at t.m.i. so if you think of it please keep him in your prayers and if it is gods will he will go. and its awesome everyone who want to bring your guitars that rocks to bad i cant fly my drums out hahahahahaa

  17. Hi Beth,
    I haven’t got the Individual Team Fact Sheet yet, but I will watch for it. (I did get the Team Roster and thought it would be with that, but it wasn’t.)
    Congrats on your results Brianna. Oh yeah, belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  18. thanx jonathan!
    k so can y’all be praying for me? i injured my wrist and i am cleared to still go on the mission trip as long as i dont need surgery and i dont yet have mai x-ray results so just please pray that its all okay. (i know i can still go cuz mom already called TMI and talked to’m about it)

  19. Hey Beth,
    Just wondering what the weather is going to b like in Honduras.
    Oh and Brianna, I dont know how much grass you guys get, but you might try the old fashioned lawn mowing. It works for me quite well.
    See you all in Flordia!

  20. k just doing some clarifin’: so we bring our luggage in a cardboard box to florida and get our tent and duffel bag at bootcamp. am i correct or did i read the manual-thing wrong?

  21. Hey Helena and Dandra you should look me up on FB. I’m on there as Brianna Leamy or Brianna JeAnne Leamy… i cant remember which one… 🙂 can’t wait to see y’all in Florida!

    Does anyone have any ideas aside from babysitting and car washes on how to raise spending money for while we’re out on the field cuz i’m drawing a blank and there is just about a month til take off…. the help will be and is much appreciated!

  22. I have not yet been on a missions trip with teen missions, but this looks like so much fun! I pray that it will draw me closer to the Lord !! Thanks so much everyone for helping this tip be possible for me!

  23. just actually read some of your comments, please search for Amanda Schatzmann (my daughter on FB) who is going on this team, and I am Patricia Schatzmann her mom a former TMI member. We would love to start chatting w/ team members!!

  24. Okay Jonathan i found your mom on facebook, she accepted the friend request, now i’m talking to your mom a bit and sent a message for you to. See ya in a bit on fb 🙂

  25. Well, I don;t have facebook, but my boyfriend does, and his name is Shawn Sproles. We are from Indiana, so you should be able to find it easily. Just attach a note saying that you are from my team 🙂 Um his profile picture I think is both of us, so a boy and a girl, and I have longish curly hair, and he has a blue sweatshirt. so hopefully you can find it! 🙂

  26. Brianna, I tried to find you again but no luck. However, my mom is a member of ‘Ecuadoor team 2009’. (And yes, Ecuador was misspelled with an extra ‘o’ lol) There are only 13 other members so you should be able to find my mom quite easily, if you can find that group. 😉

  27. Jonathan, i don’t know whats up with that but on there i am Brianna JeAnne Leamy… maybe if u type that in then you’ll actually find me. Thnx 4 the effort though 🙂 I’ll try to find u on there and see if that works…

  28. Hullo! I don’t have a facebook page but my mom lets me use hers. I just tried finding you but to no avail.
    Do you have a different name or something? If you want, you could look up my mom, Judy McNamara, and send her a friend request, but that is entirely up to you.

  29. hey just adding onto one of my comment thingy-ma-bobb’z….if u add me on facebook, my picture on their is me on a mountain in a maroon sweatshirt looking away from the camera….
    but seriously, someone add me on their so that we can get 2 know each other b4 florida.

  30. hey guys im another kid who will be on your team this ismy second time going to hondurous(and i still cant spell it haha) but you me and my friend tylar will be going it going to be awesome but ill let you guys know now so u can get all you laughing out now i for real CAN NOT!!!!!!!! ride a house like i really really am bad at it haha bt it will be awesome haha see you guys then

  31. Hey guys just a little side note and it is very true: there are many who have a problem where they are outgoing and chill with their friends then when they get to a new environment, they start to shut down & become really shy. sadly, i am one of those many. please dont be one of the many who are rude to those ppl and actually talk to them…. yes that was me saying i’ll probably be a bit shy and would really appreciate it if someone would say hi when we’re all in florida
    c u all l8r 😀

  32. Hey y’all! I might bring my guitar on this trip if i can finish teaching myself how 2 play it.
    I am freshmen and have been traveling all over the world on Mission Trips since 5th grade with my grandpa so i can personally say that this will be a challenging and life changing experience but SOOO worth it!
    If you are going on this trip, then you should friend request me on facebook and attach a note saying that you’re going on this trip. I’d really like 2 get 2 know u b4 getting 2 florida and becoming all shy and awkward.
    Can’t wait to meet you!
    Oh, are any of u from the pacific northwest or am i a loner on that one? lol 🙂

  33. I’m bringing my guitar, which is an Alvarez…so idk if you still want to bring yours. I brought mine to Nepal last year, and it held up really good. So yeah…idk if you would just want to use mine? How long have you been playing?

  34. So It says in the genral facts sheet that we can bring musical instruments. I have an old keyboard that my dad got for me to take. I think it can run on batteries and I can play worship songs on it. I was going to leave it at the base in Honduras if they wanted it. Would it work for me to bring it?

  35. Hey, so I have another question lol will I be able to bring a guitar on this trip? I wasn’t sure how it would work with the horses and all. Like do we have a “base” camp, that we travel from?

  36. So I have a question-Are we actually riding horses? On here it says we are, but in the support letter it says we will be “traveling by foot”…but the name is still Honduras Horseback. I was just wondering, so I knew what to tell my supporters. 🙂

  37. Congratulations on going to Honduras! I’m a (really old) former team member that went on the Wings of Faith team in 1979 to a rural area to build a church/school building. You’ll find that Honduras is so beautiful, but more important than that, is that God loves to amaze you. He will amaze you in what you see, what you find the strength to do, and who He teaches you to become. You will laugh, you will cry; you’ll wish you could stay, and you’ll wish you could go home to family.

    The most important thing you’ll learn in Honduras is that God loves YOU, and wants you to be close to Him, and will do an amazing work in YOUR life next summer. And God loves every person you meet, and He wants the same for them, too.

    Bless you and all the other TMI teens as you go into all the world this summer. Dios te bendiga!

    Marita Cantrell
    FTM Honduras, 1979, Dominican Republic 1980, Scotland WC 1981

  38. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) 😉 🙂
    I just got my confirmation e-mail a few minutes ago. I am so going to love this. Yeah, I remember you Rebekah. Hope you find a team you really like. Now my only question is, how many GUYS are going? Hello out there! If you are a guy and you’re going on this teem, please post on this thing to assure me that I am not the only guy going. 🙂 😉 lol

  39. I went with preteens last year to Ecuador from June 24th ’till August 4th. That was a lot of fun. Only trouble was, one ten year old boy was the only person out of 18 kids and four adults who spoke excellent Spanish. It also helped that he was from Hondures. haha. =)

  40. Im an FTM too! I went last year! Haha, but I’m a girl…lol I can’t wait till the team sheets come out! When/where did you go? I went to Nepal. IT WAS AMAZING! I love Teen Missions 🙂

  41. Haha lol guess what? 🙂 My last name is McNamara and I never noticed that your first name was in my last name before. 😉 I sent in my application today but I haven’t gotten a confirmation e-mail yet. I sure hope I can go. Oh, I am a FTM. This is my second time going on a TMI trip. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, ARE THERE ANY GUYS GOING ON THIS TRIP???? Hey! Is there anyone here from Wisconsin or any place within the next state over? 🙂

  42. Hahaha lol I JUST NOTICED THAT YOUR LAST NAME HAS MY NAME IN IT!!!!! Haha, that is so cool. Even if it isn’t your real last name..but it would be sweet if it is! 😛 anyway, haha, I am so stoked about this team!! No matter who goes 🙂 all of us going should try and get in touch a bit before the trip. 🙂 Hope everyone had a great Christmas/New year season. Also, I have a question for Mrs. Kostner-I’m doing the one-year Bible, and I wondered if that was allowed for TMI. I know we aren’t suppose to bring a devotional, but its just scripture..no commentary. So yeah. I just wanted to know, so I can either plan on bringing my one-year Bible, or have a print-out ready 🙂 Thanks!

    1. The dates for all teams are listed. When you register, you provide a picture which we use to print up prayer cards along with support letters. You will send these to your friends, family and church members to help you raise your support. If this is what the Lord wants you to do, He is more than capable of providing the needed funds.

  43. I can’t wait to go on this trip! It seems like a great way to grow in my love for God and horses! I’m looking forward to meeting y’all this summer and getting to know you in Honduras!

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