Hong Kong, China

June 24 — August 11

Answer the call to share the Gospel of Christ with thousands in Hong Kong, China this summer! You will be working alongside Youth For Christ (YFC) putting your evangelism training to use in schools, shopping centers, street markets and factory meetings while learning Cantonese phrases and songs that will make your outreach more effective. Your heart will be burdened when you see incense burning at their many shrines honoring their ancestors and ancient gods.

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You will be working alongside Hong Kong Youth For Christ.


You may have time to see windmills and tulips, and enjoy a canal boat ride on one of Amsterdam’s many canals. During free time, you can ride the Star Ferry across Hong Kong Harbor and barter in the markets for anything from Chinese food delicacies to the latest electronics and clothing. A ride on the tram to the top of Victoria’s Peak offers a stunning 360º panoramic view of Hong Kong!


The team will be staying in rooms, with showers available. Laundry will be done using buckets.


After completing Boot Camp training in music, puppets, drama and work classes, you will travel by bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight across the Atlantic Ocean to Amsterdam, Netherlands. You may have time to see windmills and tulips, and enjoy a canal boat ride on one of Amsterdam’s many canals. A connecting flight takes you across Russia, Mongolia and the Gobi Desert before arriving in Hong Kong.

(Note: Florida Debrief)

Contributions Equal To: $4090 U.S. plus Registration Fee


Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) since July 1, 1997, has a high degree of autonomy, except in the areas of defense and foreign policy, and retains its own currency, laws, and border controls.  It is composed of three geographic areas: the New Territories, Kowloon Peninsula, and Hong Kong Island.  Hong Kong SAR is cosmopolitan and highly developed.

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  1. 17 days till bootcamp starts!

  2. Hello!
    I was wondering what the team number was for this team. My friend is going and I want to send her mail but i need the number 🙂

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  4. Alright kiddos! There’s a facebook group for us, and it’s “TMI Hong Kong 2010” Look me up!

  5. aaaand just changed it again. Sorry. 😛 It’s me and my sister on a fence:)

  6. okay i will

  7. Well now it’s an upside down American flag…

  8. K so are you on facebook? I am! Search Leah Grace:) It’s a picture of me leaning on a brick wall in this cool alley type thing…that made no sense…ok whatever:)

  9. si si! 🙂 lol yes

  10. YAY! So you’re on Hong Kong?

  11. Hey guys! So thank God I can go!! I want you guys to know im already praying for the Lord to use us and work in our lives for the furtherance of His Kingdom. cant wait to meet my new teammates. I send much love…God bless you!

  12. alrighty thank you!

  13. Hi, i just wanted to know if i could know who the team leaders are for this trip, and if theres still space to sign up to go..?

    • There is still room on the Hong Kong team and also room on the China team. We do not give out the names of the leaders as it can change between now and when Boot Camp starts.

  14. wow i want to go so bad id love to meet the christans in hong kong china

  15. Well the earlier you register the more time you have to raise money, so register asap. I mean obviously if the Lord wants you to go he’ll get you the money, but it helps to have more time.

  16. When is the latest we can register?

  17. Did the price go up or is that a misprint up there?

  18. I wanted to know is there like a financial aid thing that you could fill out?

    • Once you register and send us a picture, we will send you prayer cards and letters for you to mail out to raise the needed support. Also, you can contact businesses, have a garage sale, car wash, etc. to help you raise the support. However, we do not have any “financial aid”.

  19. Yeah only a few times has the team been switched that I’ve heard of. In 02 I was signed up for Uganda but for what i believe were political reasons they switched the team to Malawi.

    I’m so excited! I might be going as a leader on this team!!

  20. Are the Hong Kong Youth for Christ Chinese youth or American youth?

  21. Caleb, did you mean “can TMI change the destination of the trip?” Because TMI only changes teams in the event of a political uprising, natural disaster, etc. It basically never happens.

  22. wow this looks amazing!
    if i sing up for this how soon could i start raising money?
    when i sing up can you change where you want us to go, or once we sign up for something is it for sure?

    • You can start raising money as soon as you apply and get your acceptance packet. Once we have you registered, it is “for sure”. However, you can switch teams, but you would need to pay the “switch” fee ($30 US or $35 Canadian).

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