Ireland | Teen Missions Trip

June 24 – August 11

Work Project in Ireland

Work Project in Ireland

Ireland—The Emerald Island—land of leprechauns, shamrocks and the Blarney Stone. Journey on this summer missions trip to the ancient town of Dalkey, home of Ireland Outreach.This ministry provides Bibles and other Christian material to schools all over Ireland. Your projects will include widening the driveway, building a block barn for storage and landscaping around a tower originally used as a lookout post.


Your summer will be spent in the village of Dalkey where you will serve the Lord at Ireland Outreach.


While in Dalkey, you may hike up Dalkey Hill for a panoramic view. You will also go to Trinity College where you will see “The Book of Kells”—an ancient, hand-rendered copy of the four Gospels. An excursion to Powerscourt, 30,000 beautiful acres boasting a magnificent waterfall and plenty of hiking trails through the lush gardens and castle ruins, will provide incredible memories of your summer in Ireland. Souvenirs such as Waterford crystal, Belleek ceramics, famous shillelaghs, Irish sweaters, woolen items and linens can be found on a shopping trip to Dublin.


Housing while in Ireland will be in tents and showers are available; washing machines and dryers are available for laundry.


After Boot Camp training, you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Chicago, Illinois. From here you will fly across Lake Michigan, northeastern Canada, and the Atlantic Ocean to Dublin, the capital of Ireland. From the airport, a 30-mile bus ride takes you to Ireland Outreach, housed on an 18th century estate.

(Note: Florida Debrief)

Contributions Equal To: $3290 U.S. plus Registration Fee


Commissioning at the Lord's Boot Camp

Éire, which is the native name for Ireland, is the third-largest island in Europe. The “Emerald Isle” lies northwest of continental Europe and is surrounded by hundreds of islands. Great Britain lies to the east of Ireland, separated by the Irish Sea. The Republic of Ireland covers five-sixths of the island; the remaining part is Northern Ireland, which is a part of the United Kingdom. Ireland has a population of over four million residents and they are part of a Parliamentary Democracy which is led by President Mary Mcaleese and Prime Minister Brian Cowen. As for terrain, a ring of coastal mountains surrounds the low plains found in the center of the island. The longest river is the River Shannon. Ireland’s nickname as the “Emerald Isle” derives from its vegetation made lush by mild climate and frequent rainfall. Popular tourist destinations in Ireland include the Giant’s Causeway, Blarney Castle, Dublin and Glendalough. Ireland is a multilingual nation, but predominantly English- and Irish (or Gaelic)-speaking. Major agricultural products include turnips, barley, potatoes, sugar beets and wheat. Beef and dairy products are also common. Steel, lead, zinc, food products, textiles, pharmaceuticals, glass and crystal are some of the products that are made in Ireland.


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  1. Love to have Teen Mission International back to Ireland Outreach International as they did great work.

  2. is there still room?

  3. hey, i’m Ross Hill i signed up late but i am going. i’m flying out of Ontario international if you want you can add me on facebook it would be nice to know some people before we go. looking forward to this trip. Ω

  4. Hi I’m Eric and I am flying from Los Angeles, and I was wondering if anyone else is. Maybe we could travel together.

  5. tyranny chartrand

    so for the head coverings do we bring one or are they provided?

  6. Hi my sister is going on this team, how is it looking? Will they still be able to go with all this volcanic ash messing with travel in Europe?

  7. I am going on this team this summer and got my team fact sheet today. What kind of head covering do we need for church? Not quite sure what that means. Thanks

  8. You can request more information online by following this link

  9. Why isn’t there any more room for girls, esp. if they’re willing to pay?

    • We put a certain number of girls and a certain number of boys on every team. However, these numbers can change quickly, especially as people switch teams or cancel.

  10. I’m REALLY interested in going to Ireland and I live in Florida. I’m 21 years old…. How do I request more info?

    • Since you are 21, are you interested in being a leader? If so, call the Teen Missions office and ask for leader placement.

  11. Sarah Vermillera

    Any openings left for a girl?

  12. i might want to mention that when i will be going on this trip i will be 13, next summer, so nevermind.

  13. i am very interested in this trip, but i am only 12. is there a preteen trip to Ireland?

  14. MY name is jon I am very interested in ireland. How many have registered and is there still room for me to come this woill be my first team missions trip.

  15. when is bootcamp training?

    • It depends on what team you are on. If you an Early Boot Camp team, it is from June 13-June 27. Super BC is from June 24-July 11. Preteen is from June 30-July 11.

  16. If I live closer to the Chicago area, do I still have to fly from Orlando to get to Chicago and then to Ireland?

    • You will need to come to Florida for your Boot Camp training and that is where Debrief will be. A few teams do fly through Chicago (after Boot Camp) on their way to their field of service.

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  18. What is this trip all about?

  19. tyranny chartrand

    i’m going on this trip! just got my confirmation 😀 so excited!

  20. I’m going on this trip. Just got my confirmation.

  21. How much would it cost to go on this trip all together

    • It would be the cost listed in the brochure plus your round-trip airfare to Orlando, passport costs, spending money and other things you might need for the trip (boots, etc.). Also, there may (or may not be) a departure tax (usually around $25-$30). There is also a $30 deposit for your tent and literature, but you would get that back if you had everything at the end of the summer.

  22. I really want to do this, or go to India. But my mom said to wait till I’m seventeen. Which will be june 13th 2011. Can I sign up, and register for next year?

  23. I have never felt so excited in my entire life!

  24. I would absolutely LOVE to go!! It’s like my dream!

  25. This team sounds awesome!!! I would love to go!!

  26. how can i get the brochure mailed to me?

  27. Briannna VanWechel

    to whom it may concern, My friend,abby, and I are very interested in going to Ireland. if there is any more info you can give us please send it so we can start fundraising! thanks Brianna

    • Please check our web site under “2010 Mission Trips”. Most of the information is there. The brochure will be mailed out next week. If you send us your address, we will send you one. Also, if you email us with specific questions, we can answer them. God bless! bk

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