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MadagascarRemote and rugged best describes this summer missions trip to Madagascar, “The Island Lost in Time”, located off the southeastern coast of Africa. Your project is to continue construction on the 90’x150’ BMW building. At this time, the classes are being taught under a thatched-roof, open-sided building. This is the only Bible School in the area and there is no other program like Teen Missions for youth in the community.

June 24 – August 15


Vangaindrano, Madagascar is located on the southeast coast, approximately 500 mikes from the capital, Antananarivo.


The team will drive through the Ranomafana National Park, established to protect rare species of flora and fauna and the lemur, all native to Madagascar. Jewelry, woodcarvings and hand-embroidered cloth are a few of the unique souvenirs you may barter for when you stop in Ambositra, a town known for its wood carvings. Following your project, you spend a day in Paris for sightseeing, including the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame.


Housing will be in tents while in Madagascar. Bathing and laundry will be done using your buckets.


Following training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to the Miami International Airport for a flight across the Atlantic Ocean to Paris, France. Your flight then continues across the Mediterranean Sea, Sahara Desert, the Equator and the Mozambique Channel, before arriving in Antananarivo. By truck, you will travel two days and 500 miles south over hills, through valleys and mountainous countryside. During your journey, you overnight near the Ranomafana National Park, established to protect rare species of flora and fauna and the lemur, all native to Madagascar. You continue south along the Indian Ocean coast to Vangaindrano. From Vangaindrano, it is a short 10-mile ride to the Teen Missions in Madagascar BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center, located on top of a mountain.

(Note: Florida Debrief)

Contributions Equal To: $4999 U.S. Plus Registration Fee


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  1. parent here. Is there an easy way to view all photos taken at boot camp? The 6 little photos on the side don’t seem to be in any sort of order.

  2. what is debrief?

    • A time when you come together with other teams and reflect on what the Lord taught you during the summer. You will learn how to share your summer with others and how to come off the “mountain top” without crashing.

  3. okay great i will check august first! cant wait!!

  4. when do you set up the 2011 trips because i really want to go (and ive been waiting since maybe january)?

    • The 2011 Brochure should be handed out at Debrief this year (if all goes as planned). The teams will be posted on our web site the first week of August.

  5. i have a question. someone sent me money after the deadline, and i know that you need 50 dollars for a visa and so i was wondering if it could be used for that. can teen missions let me do that?

    • If they don’t want a tax-deductible receipt, then you could use it for that. Otherwise, it needs to be sent in.

  6. I was wondering what the team number was for this team. thanks!

  7. I am going on this trip and was wondering if you think I will need a sleeping bag or will a sheet and blanket be ok? Will it ba as hot as florida?

    • I checked your Individual Team Fact Sheet and them temps will range from 65-85—definitely not as hot as Florida!

  8. i have a question. the general fact sheet says alot about what you can’t take, but not a whole lot of specific can takes. is there any way i can get a list of things i need to bring?

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  10. Hi again,
    I accidentally sent in my blue envelope without my General Fact Sheet card. How can I send in the card to you?

  11. I registered earlier this year for the 2010 missions trip but changed my mind about going. I was wondering if there is still room in the mission for me because I would really like to go again, and how would I go about re-registering?

    • If you threw everything away and need another support packet, then you will need to re-register and send in the $30 registration fee. If not, just give the office and a call and tell them you want to “un-cancel” and you do not need prayer cards or letters. Also, you can email the office with the same information.

  12. what are the average daily tempuratures at our site in madagascar?

  13. I need to know which number on my computer labels is my computer ID number. There is a space for it on the payment coupons, but I can’t figure it out.

    Second question. Already sent out letters to church, freinds and family, This leaves me several thousand short. Where should I look to next?

    • Do not worry about your computer ID number. We no longer use it, so leave the space blank. Concerning your support, contact your prayer partners. Don’t ask them for support, but ask them to pray. You will see the support come in at the beginning, then there will be a lull and then it will come in at the end. Consider asking your youth group to help you do a car wash, garage sale or spaghetti dinner. Above all else, PRAY and learn to trust the Lord.

  14. Hi, I’m going on this trip for the summer and was wondering what precautions would be taken against malaria. This in no way is an all-important factor for me, but I would like to know beforehand. Thanks,

  15. Hi. I’m registered to go on this trip this summer and I had a question about raising funds. How should Canadians donate to me? Should they send me a Canadian check and I send it to the Canada office even though I’m registered with the US Office, or should they send it directly to the Canadian office or the American office? Should they send it in American money? Thanks. Looking forward very much to this trip this summer!

    • You can either send it here or to the Canada office. It will be processed faster if sent directly to the Canada office.

  16. I think that you should keep this trip next year. i would go on one this year, but my aunt who is a missionary with YWAM in Ukraine, is coming this summer, and it will be the only time I will see her in 4 years, so I want to see her and my cousins. But next year, I am guranteed going, and this seems like a cool one.

  17. ok. thanks for clarifying.

  18. Hi, I apologize in advance if this is already posted somewhere or I just didn’t pay enough attention, but as far as the length of this trip goes, is it the entire duration from june 24 – August 15th, or is there a possiblility of spending 2 weeks, or something along those lines, rather then the entire time?

  19. How much of this trip is Evangelism? What I mean is how much time will be spent doing dramas, puppets, etc… with the kids from Madagascar and how much time will be spent actually building the BMW building?

    • You are scheduled to work 8 hours a day during the week and four hours on Saturday. However, we also make time for evangelism. Sometimes part of the team will work and the other part will do evangelism. If a special EV opportunity arises, we will make time for it.

  20. okay! Thanks so much!

  21. That’s awesome, thanks.

  22. I have a random question, I wouldn’t call myself a photographer but it’s my hobby and i was wondering if there is even time to take pictures, or is it work all the time? I love taking pictures and i would love to show my family and my church about the experience i had.

    • Yes, there will be time to take pictures and we encourage that. However, it should not interfere with what you are there to do.

  23. Would we be working with the children that attend the school?

  24. I can’t go this year because i already have a missions trip lined up here in the US. But otherwise i would most likely go this year. So that’s why I’m hoping it’s here next year 🙂

  25. Hey, would this trip be open again next year?! Cause i would love to go!

  26. I’ve been thinking about going on this trip. I speak fluent French and I know that French is one of the official languages of Madagascar. Would my status as a bilingual be a valuable asset to the team in terms of developing relationships with the locals, or would it not not have much impact?

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