Smiley Face Garden

Smile Face

June 18-27

Get Dirty for God! Come to Boot Camp to learn landscaping skills such as digging and planting flowers so that you can landscape the big “Smile, Jesus Loves You” sign at the entrance to Teen Missions. Each day, your team will learn to work together as squirrels, lizards and birds watch you plant flowers. At Boot Camp, your training will also include memorizing Scripture, learning praise songs, using puppets and many other activities. Be a missionary yourself as you share the love of Jesus with people in a local nursing home or ministry. What a perfect way to make others smile as they hear how God loves them!

Contributions Equal To: $279    U.S. plus Registration Fee

Peanut Boot Camp General Information


You need to be 7, 8 or 9 years old to be part of the Peanut program. You must turn 7 before the program ends. You cannot turn 10 before or during the program.

Length of Involvement

Thursday, June 17 – Sunday, June 27. If coming by plane, you must arrive between 10 AM on Wednesday, June 16 and 10 AM on Thursday, June 17. Teen Missions will pick up team members at the Orlando International Airport. If driving, you must arrive between 8 and 10 AM on Thursday, June 17. The program ends after Commissioning on Sunday, June 27. Parents should plan to pick their children up at that time. Children flying home from Orlando International Airport should depart after 9 AM and before 12 NOON on Monday, June 28.


The Peanut program is a blend of training and actual missions experience. Peanuts will learn how to share the Gospel, and they will go and do just that. Peanuts on work teams will learn how to do the work and then they will do it. Some elements of the training, such as music, puppets and the Obstacle Course—just their size with a rope swing, tunnel and wall—continue throughout the Peanut program. Peanuts will be taught about the customs and people of other lands by nationals from countries around the world, who will share about their country while dressed in national costume. There will be daily devotions, prayer, Bible memory and Scripture lessons on topics such as Neatness and Order, Talking Back, Authority, Stealing and Lying. During evening rallies under the Peanut Big Top, each team shares their cheers and singing, Miss Piggy gives cleanliness awards and the Obstacle Course results are announced. A missionary speaker will present the evening message.

SchedulePeanut Obstacle Course

Each team stays in its own tent site, two or three Peanuts to a tent. The sites are close to the bathrooms and the Peanut Big Top Tent. Peanut teams eat together in the dining room. The day begins around 6 AM and the rallies end at 8 PM. At least one fun craft or activity is planned each day; these activities include swimming in the pool, making hand puppets, coloring, block printing T-shirts (the same way they’ve done in India for centuries) and making Wordless Books and Bracelets for use in evangelism.

Provided by Teen Missions

Provided to each Peanut is a canteen, food tray, bowl, cup, rain poncho, ID badge, activity pack and hard hat (if on a work team). A list of what each Peanut should bring will be sent before the Peanut Boot Camp. Included in the involvement expense, each Peanut will receive a team poster and a DVD of their experience.

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