Chicas, Chico & Kathy (Fall 2009)

Chicas Family Missionaries in HondurasChicas’ Chit-Chat – Fall 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

It would not be honest to say that the last several months in Honduras have been without problems. However, as is common in humanity, the more problems there are, the more we seek God and learn to trust Him. In Honduras, it started back in May with the big earthquake, then in June we had the start of the political crisis. As a nation, many have said the Hondurans have never spent so much time in prayer! It is scary at times to watch the news and wonder what is going to happen next, but we are learning that we, just as everyone else in the world, live by God’s grace every day.

Chico had to go to the U.S. in June to maintain his permanent resident status and was able to help out at the Boot Camp of Teen Missions International in Florida. Before leaving Honduras, he prayed that God would fulfill His purposes in the trip. When he first arrived, he was surprised to see he was scheduled to preach in two days! Later, when a leader of the Stateside Preteen team became ill, Chico was asked to help out the team as one of the leaders. Although this was not in Chico’s plans, he thanked God for the opportunity. Chico learned a lot from the kids and they say they were glad he was one of their leaders. Please pray that these kids will continue to grow in Christ as they are back home.

We want to give a huge thanks to all those who gave and prayed for Daniel’s summer team to Ecuador. It turned out to be a wonderful experience for him and a blessing for his team as well since he was the only one on the team who spoke Spanish! They were able to do several projects at the Teen Missions base in Ecuador including helping them get ready for their Boot Camp which started July 27th, right before the Preteens headed back to Florida. The Ecuador Boot Camp had 107 team members this year, more than they’ve ever had before! They are so excited because they are also going to be able to start the Bible, Missionary, & Work Training Center (BMW) back up again!

Kathy, Samuel, and Abigail stayed in Honduras this year for several reasons. Samuel, being eight years old, could only have gone on a peanut team and we didn’t feel it would be worth the travel expenses just to be on a team for ten days. Abigail, being only four months old, didn’t have her passport yet. And Kathy, well, we needed someone responsible to stay with the students.

Here at Teen Missions we have had our share of trials. While Chico was gone we were robbed three times. The third time they got away with a large quantity of money, bank cards, and Kathy’s passport. Kathy felt so discouraged. There were days she didn’t even want to go on. But it was a good lesson in trusting more in God’s care than in your husband! Since then, the finances have been tighter than ever.

To further our plight, the cable to the water pump here at Teen Missions was stolen at the beginning of September so now we are reliant upon the rain waters for all our bathing and washing needs. Just one more way to remind us of our dependence upon the Most High God.

We currently have nine students here at the Bible School. They have been working very hard during the afternoon work time in the gardens and we now have yucca, beans, pineapple, and plantain trees planted. What you just read in one line has taken months to get done! They have planted, fertilized, weeded, and reaped some of the harvest. The others won’t be ready until next year. Five hundred holes, 16” deep and 16” in diameter had to be dug just for the baby trees to be planted!

They have also worked hard in different ministries. They have been going every Thursday evening to support a new church in a nearby town. They have been going every Saturday to the high school in San Isidro, playing games and giving a message to the youth who come. As of a few months ago, they have also been going on Monday mornings to the elementary school in San Isidro where they were asked to run a program with a positive message to the sixth graders because they have so many problems. The teachers have been so thankful saying they already see a difference in the kids! Praise the Lord! Finally, the students participate in numerous other activities that we are invited to. For example, they did a drama at the park in Santa Cruz during a youth crusade sponsored by a local church, and on National Children’s Day, they were invited to three different elementary schools to give clown presentations. Of course, we take advantage of every opportunity to share the Gospel, so those clowns were not just entertaining but were spreading the message of God’s love to hundreds of children!

One of the biggest effects of the political crisis has been in the public schools. Because the teachers wouldn’t give classes, the Honduran children missed five weeks of classes! While this is sad for most people, it turned out to be a blessing for Daniel because, out of the seven weeks he was away, he only missed two weeks of school!

Four of our students will be commissioning at the end of this year to begin their one-year internship. Melva will be going to Didasko Orphanage, Jorge will be church planting in Comayagua, and Benjamin and Ana, after their wedding on January 30th, would like to join us as Teen Missions staff! We also received word recently from a family in Oregon who are praying about coming down to work with us. We are very happy to hear about both of these because we definitely need the help but are praying that, above our will, God’s Will be done.

Thank you for your prayers that keep us going and the financial support that makes the ministry possible. Your friendship and care for our family humbles us and all we can say is that we pray that our Almighty God cares for you in the same way you do for us!

Love in Christ,

Francisco, Kathy, Daniel,

Samuel, and Abigail Chicas

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