Many Came To Christ

Teen Team shares gospel in Malawi
Teen team shares Gospel in Malawi

While staying at the House of Peace, a group of us went to evangelize at two villages, which had formally been one village before splitting over a disagreement. When we got there, people were arriving from each village. It started off great because we could see God working as the two villages were joining together for the day to hear what we had to say. After testimonies, we had an altar call and over half of the adults accepted Christ, including the chiefs from the opposing villages. When we were done, a woman called us over and through Bickiel, our translator. She told us that she was demon possessed. But through our message she was touched. She asked for prayer and also for Brickel to come back later that night. We were all anxious to find out what happened that night with the woman. The next day, we were informed that the woman was no longer demon possessed and she now had Christ in her life. The following night, Bickel went and prayed over a man in the

Open-air Evangelism in Malawi
Open-Air Evangelism in Malawi

same situation. Unfortunately, we did not hear the outcome of his situation. Those couple of days we really saw God working in our evangelism. It was a really good experience and it brought us together to go to more villages to evangelize. It was amazing to see God working so close with us.


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