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Each year God brings new challenges in different ways to keep us praying. The last three years it was rain—thhis year it was drought. The fire danger was extreme. But since it as a smaller Boot Camp, it seemed to run smoothly. We praise God for Beth Little helping out; she kept the office running and filled in all the blanks that we missed. She is a lifesaver.  Rena had another great kitchen crew, some new faces and a few of the faithful ftm’s. Des & Dave (from Nambour) taught block-laying again. Peter S & Dave W came up and taught a few classes and spoke at rallies.
Like I said earlier, last year was rain, but this year, fire. On Commissioning Day a huge fire broke out right across the road from us. As a crow flies, it was only 2 KM away. It was started by lightning. It grew over the night and was about 180 acres by lunch and over 450 acres by early afternoon and 900 acres before it slowed down. It jumped two containment lines and the winds kept it moving along. I got the leaders together and made plans in case we had to evacuate, then we all prayed. That seemed to work the best, praying. The wind was blowing the fire parallel with our property. Fire crews did a back burn on our side of the fire. My fire crew was on scene and they kept me posted on what was going on. So by the time we lit our candles the fire was contained and a small glow in the background of a great Commissioning night.
All of the teams have reported back already and have arrived safe and sound.
We have five teams that are out.
Nepal Team is working in eastern Nepal building a church and working with orphans. They had a presentation in Katmandu and went to church before taking the 14 hour drive to the project.
Cambodia Farm/Orphanage has held a Christmas program with the orphans and was taken to a local water park. (Some teams have it rough) They have reported that the airlines have found their igloo and will soon have it back.
North Ireland Team has reported it is cold there, but they are enjoying the warmth of the Irish people!
Egypt Orphanage Team has arrived safely and they are liking the hotel they are staying in before heading down to their project. They have already seen the Pyramids and have taken a camel ride.
Tonga Team was the last team to leave. They worked here cleaning the place up and finishing some odd jobs that needed to get done before the camps come in. They have arrived safely in Tonga and moved into their new home. It sounds like they like it better there then Boot Camp. I just do not know why?

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