Freedom In Cambodia.

Today we celebrate the second birth of Cambodia. All around, the country is celebrating their freedom from Polpot regime. It is this time 30 years ago that the people of Cambodia gained their freedom from the turmoil of Khmer Rouge. They remember how it feels to be free and have no fear of any danger from oppressing people. The government prepared a big celebration in some major cities and one is in Siem Reap. We have a holiday to honor the greatest day of this country. We are now part of this country and we are hoping that these people will truly come to know the real freedom that is found in Jesus alone. They must know the truth and the truth will set them free. After the Khmer Rouge, they thought of themselves as free but deep inside they are still keeping the hurts and wounds from the past. To those who did not experience that horrible fate, the new generation needs to know that the real freedom is not having all their time doing what their peers are doing but being distinct and set apart for Jesus. It’s a long way to make this freedom known, but we are not hopeless.

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