Moving Full Force In Zambia.

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
We are thankful for His grace that He gives us each day to serve Him.We have 134 team members and 28 Leaders—a total of 162 for seven teams.This week we have all our teams on their projects and the reports we have received so far show lots of progress in their projects. Mibende Team is making progress with the church construction. Ngosa Team have finished planting the maize and weeding. The team is now cleaning the surrounding area for the remaing days. Lupia Team is also finished with the maize field and are now cleaning the surrounding area and making the sweet potatoes field. Kitwe Team has also made some progress on their project. Chiwala Team has finished planting and weeding the maize. We had 45 salvations this week. Please pray for our safety on the road, good health, and that whenever the teams are out, that God’s Word would come with power. This coming week we will be buying food for Debrief, pick up the teams and starting Debrief classes.

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