Boot Camp In Honduras.

We are running Boot Camp right now. Each team has had a work day in which they were able to clean and fumigate the plantain trees, weed the yucca, and paint the gates of the containers.

During Missions Conference, we were able to have missionaries from two different tribes here in Honduras, the Garifuna and Tolpanes, as well as our very own Juan Carlos Velasquez from Teen Missions Ecuador. Also the group, Castles of the King, was here to share some mission dramas.

Decisions for Christ: 10•Please pray for Commissioning Day, that all will run smoothly•For the transportation of all the teams to their projects

•For a heart for missions in the hearts of the team members

•For Chico’s health as he is not feeling well at all.



  1. hellow my name is octavio and i participate on teen mission camping in honduras
    at 1999 or 2000 so i forgot but i live in USA now and i would like visit in florida
    please let me know if that is posible ok GOD BLESS YOU

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