Helping The Lost In Zambia.

During Boot Camp we collected the offering and we had 16300 kwacha which is $3.58. We also had 21 pieces of clothing donated for the offering.

During the project time, the Mumena team saw an old lady in her late 80’s who was sick and going to draw water, so the leaders told their team members to help her by going to the water hole and draw water for her. When they took the water to her village, they found that she stays with her son who is always out doing piece work so they can eat.This lady had no one to help her. She eats whenever her son comes back in the evening. Her home had no toilet, no bathroom and her hut was surrounded by grass. So the team went and dug her a toilet and covered it with a black plastic and sacks. They also made her a bathroom. At the moment, the lady now has a toilet and a bathroom. We plan to help her with some food if we have some left from our Debrief.

All the teams have worked very hard and have accomplished much.We praise God for all He has done for us in this Boot Camp. There were 300 salvations and a good number rededications.


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