News From Madagascar

Most of the staff and students here were on Christmas break and just came back yesterday. We stayed at the property during the Christmas break along with some students and the Indonesian girls. We had good time during Christmas and the first day of the new year. Each of us cooked his own food and then we put them together and had fun eating all kinds of different food. Earlier, before everyone was going to depart for the break, we had a meal together.  We wanted it to be special so we asked Welsa and Salina, the Indonesian girls, to cook just the way they would cook at home for Christmas. It was chicken mixed with hot chillies. It smelled good and looked delicious, but not many of the Malagasies were able to eat it. What a great experience!

We praise the Lord as He gives us wisdom and strength to be able to serve Him. The property is starting to look nicer as we worked on the flower bed and clearing all the bush and grass around it. We keep sweeping the front yard since many mango leaves are falling down on the ground. We have two gazebos now, one near the entrance and the other one is just a remodeling of the old one which is at the center of the property . There is no floor done yet for these two gazebos which we will do eventually. Now we are making a small fence around our flower bed in front of  the Joe Short building. We are almost finishing and then will paint it white.


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