Reaching The Lost In India

We participated in Christmas celebration in various churches. It was a blessed Christmas. Last week we distributed coconut trees and New Testaments to the local school children. The Bibles which were given by the Gideons. The children were very happy to receive the plant and the Bible (New Testaments. The 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students received these Bibles. Almost all the students received the plants and the school Head Master gave me the opportunity to tell the students about the Good News. I hope that three years from now we will see our village Atkur and Apparao Peta village green with coconuts and the children would come to know the Light, Jesus.

On January 1, we visited the leprosy colony where about 35 families live. We donated chicken (about one kilogram) to each family. Most of the time these patients have to beg. During the festivals, they come back to worship the Lord. They all have come and requested us to give something for curry. On January 1 all the families met together and they cooked for themselves and worshiped the Lord and the next day they go back to the towns to beg. We been helping this leprosy colony by giving rice and plants. The colony looks green now. In 2004 the Australia team who came planted the coconut trees all over the colony. They are able to grow. Now these trees are giving shade and coconuts. Each family has a tree or two where they been enjoying the fruits.

On date October 24, 2009, we went to KALATURU village for an outreach program. We distributed tracts and prayed for the people who welcomed us to pray in their house. Some Hindus didn’t allow us to distribute tracts and even abused us, telling us that they don’t like the white people’s God. The village has more than 600 houses according to government census. In the evening we had the villagers come together for an evening rally in the heart of the village where more than 160 people, including kids, attended the service. The worst thing that happened was that when we started our prayer service, another church, which was behind us, also started their service and that disrupted our whole program, but we finished our program without any problem.


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