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Team Summaries:


Our all-night session on Thursday night went fairly well. Some of the youth centre youth were a bit of a handful for Stephen and the volunteers, but over all it went pretty well. We had a time where we talked about some questions as a group. Some of the youth were pretty rowdy during this time, but the team members shared and Stephen shared about God and His love, which was great. The team caught up on sleep the next day and Friday night and now we’re back to getting into Ireland’s time zone again.


The team is in full swing on their project and have been chiselling away many tons of old tiles/plaster, etc. in preparation for the renovation of the main kitchen here at the orphanage. There are currently three ill team members and we are praying for their speedy recovery. The staff at the Lillian Trasher Orphanage have been most helpful and are providing us with everything that we need to complete our task as best we can. Weather is great (fine, cool, no rain) and there is no unrest to report of. God is being glorified and all praise goes to Him.


Slow progress on the work site last week as the dirt for floor was added and compacted, and a layer of rock was put on top. Concreting starts again in earnest on Monday and should progress quite quickly as we lay the floor, pour the columns and begin to brick. We did an EV presentation in the town of Madhumalla on Saturday after church, and approx 50 people responded to the Gospel. We have also had opportunity to pray for several people (some non-believers) and to help with medical needs (mostly foot injuries).


The team is continuing to grow and work together. They thoroughly enjoyed witnessing at local markets and making contacts. We plan to hold an open-air service in the near future. The team is working on concreting garden edges and build an extension to the church hall.


We finished work on the property on Friday. We were working on the upstairs of a new dorm building on the orphanage property. We were chipping off lumps of concrete and sanding walls, getting it ready for plastering. We shared in church on Sunday morning and helped feed 1600 people in the church outreach

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